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A transformational coach, creative-type, changemaker, and modern mystic committed to helping you get clear on your truth and trust yourself enough to live it. Unapologetically.

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My work is devoted to helping you remember who you really are.
Not just who you were taught to be.

This is your mf birthright. And it’s the most revealing and sweetest journey of your life.

(and get the life you want)

The sweet journey within requires you to slow down. With this free audio training and meditation you’ll receive insights into true the cost of hustling through your life + strategies to spark vision and clarity. You’ll also get a delicious grounding meditation designed to supporting you in slowing (the eff) down and getting in deep alignment with what’s most important to you.
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I never believed in coaching until I met Dana. She was the person I could hear, and through this gift, was able to hear myself – my fears, hopes, desires, and dreams. At a time when I was making weighty decisions in my personal and professional life, Dana’s guidance enabled me to tap into the deep beliefs hidden beneath the surface of my everyday life and find clarity and vision for my future.

Jaime Jin Edited Medium

Dana is a truly special coach that helped me create energy in areas of my life that felt stagnant. She taught me the power of intention and guided me towards a true understanding of empowerment. Her guidance, encouragement and thoughtfulness helped me see things in ways I hadn't previously. Her work is remarkable. Just like her.

Kerrilyn Pamer

Dana helped me re-discover my light and with her I went on a radial journey of learning to love myself once again. Dana lovingly helped me re-write my story of who I am. She helped me see the stories that had unconsciously been running the show of my life for 20 years. I can now say that I deeply believe in my own worth, my power, and my capacity to create change, both for myself and for the world. Dana led me to the most beautiful discovery I could have ever hoped for: self love. Working with Dana has brought me the liberation I'd sought for so long, but didn't know how to access. She is a miracle worker. Dana is the real deal, doing transformative healing work that our world needs.


Before I hired Dana I was having a terrifying restrained sense of self love. I found it very difficult to be myself and love myself for who I am. Life, although livable and considerably successful, had become something I had feared. I had completely lost trust in myself. Within the first 5 minutes of our first interaction, I was in tears. My ability to speak so open and honest with a stranger was quite bizarre and her energy was shooting straight through the phone lines. Most extraordinarily profound was her ability to allow you to process and comprehend your feelings independently, making the process uniquely compelling. I applaud her ability to channel the love and confidence inside of all of us and recommend her training to all regardless of your state of emotional, physical, or spiritual stability.

Mark Grattan


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