Are you beyond ready to tend to your inner world? To have confidence and trust as you take your next steps? To move from confused to crystal effing clear? Then this session is designed for you.

Here's what you get:

○ Pre-session access to a deep-dive assessment that will illuminate where we’re going to work
○ 90 minutes of 1:1 coaching (via Zoom/Skype/Google Hang or phone)
○ Challenging questions, tough love, truth and light from me and your guides
○ A joyous journey (complex inner work CAN be fun + games)
○ Structured approach/process for transformation that you take with you
○ A new way of seeing and hearing yourself, and others (sorry, not sorry)
○ Recording of the call that you can listen to forever
○ Customized, juicy follow-up email with recap, homework, strategies, and next step
○ The ripple effect of clarity and confidence in one area >> all areas

pay via paypal

now accepting venmo!

“This is life changing work, and Dana is an exceptional and rare spirit guide. I often wonder if a person has had a more profound impact on my life.” – Betsy D., NY

“I never believed in coaching until I met Dana. She was the person I could hear, and through this gift, was able to hear myself – my fears, hopes, desires and dreams.” – Jaime Jin L., NY