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A Training For You + Your Feels

a training for you + your feels

I used to shut down when big feelings started welling up in me. Dissociate. Goodbye feelings! Hello, hazy drifting through intense times without really having to feel anything.

I would tell myself it was a healthy response, “Just let the feelings wash over me and be done with them.” But I didn’t really feel my feelings…I didn’t actually know how to feel them.

So, I learned because I knew I was robbing myself of really living.

A Training For You (and Your Feels)

This is why I created a 3-day *Healing Your Emotional Triggers* Training — a power-packed and wildly in-depth training to work with your emotions more skillfully. Sign up here. It’s free, my darling.

So yes, of course, I knew all about how important it was to “feel your feelings”, but when they were too big or too painful I didn’t see the point. I’d just grind on them until I was a pile of hot mess. Well, that was me mentally grinding, not actually feeling my feelings.

None of us go to emotions class when we’re young (Y THO??), so we learn from our parents, our communities, our culture. And that’s a reeeeal mixed bag of teachers and lessons.

We get taught about good emotions and bad emotions. Being “too big” with our feelings = not ok/appropriate/safe. So. Much. Programming.

A miraculous thing happens when you feel your feelings. They move through you. And you can get more connected with yourself and your true nature. You can understand yourself more deeply. It’s life-changing, %FIRSTNAME%.

The 3-Day *Healing Your Emotional Triggers* Process

  • Welcome DAY ~ You receive some prep suggestions to get ready for the three days of training.
  • DAY 1 ~ You work on tuning into your emotions with an exercise…feeling sensations in your body, really getting to know how energy moves through and lives in your body. A great practice that you can use over and over.
  • DAY 2 ~ This day is the bulk of the training…I guide you through a multi-step process to explore your tender emotional patterns, peel the layers back to understand them more holistically and to work with/heal your triggers. You:
    • look at the habitual emotional pattern
    • examine what really happens when you’re triggered
    • explore how it feels in your body, the feelings that arise, the thoughts you have about those feelings, the physiology of the sensations
    • look at the belief beneath the emotional response
    • examine the root of that belief
    • do some sweet release work
    • call in some new ways of feeling/being in the triggered moments
    • zoom out to paint a new picture of how you want to be as you move through your beautiful life and bump against the old limiting beliefs
    • create a new thought (soon to become a belief through daily repetition and mental engagement) and new vision via an affirmation & visualization
  • DAY 3 ~ This is the practice and implementation piece of the training. You receive guidance on how to work with these tools as well as support to activate and restore balance in your nervous system. These are all tools you can use over and over, forever ever.
  • Ooooh, and you also get a grounding meditation to work with on the regular to support your clarity and emotional coherence practice.

photo via haati chai