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Are You A Freak (for Discipline)?

are you a freak (for discipline)?

There’s a smallish population of freaks neat people who have a healthy relationship to discipline.

Through an exercise I do with my clients we reveal your true relationship to your personal power. Every once in a while there’s a person who’s all squeeeeee when we get to the part about discipline.

Welp, not all of us are wired like those special people who love them some discipline. But here’s what I have learned about the big D that has changed my relationship to it…

1. Discipline for discipline’s sake will get you nowhere. It won’t last. It has to be connected to a bigger vision.

Twyla Tharp, in her book The Creative Habit (HIGHLY recommended), talks about discipline as key to creativity.

2. So whether you’re creating a work of art or your life, you need to find your vision/your bigger purpose for what you’re creating, acknowledge your fear of realizing it*, and channel that into enthusiasm for the journey.

Here’s an excerpt from Pathways to God, a Study Guide to the Teachings of Sathya Sai Baba, that I just shared with my #energyworkchallenge group:

“What is Discipline? The root of the word discipline comes from the Latin word for instruction. Spiritual disciplines are means of self-instruction that we engage in for the growth of our higher awareness. The successful practice of self-transformation requires a high degree of inner discipline. We must learn the lessons and practice the rules of the spiritual path.

Through education and experience, we learn the laws of the land. Through self-inquiry, we understand the rule of spirit. Unthinking habit is not discipline. Discipline is a reasoned course of practice for the production of specific results.”

3. The practical application of discipline is practice. Or, even more fun, I think, is to approach it as ritual. Something sacred and essential.

I had one client who reframed discipline as DEVOTION. I can so get behind that.

4. And the part I think most of us actually don’t get, especially those of us part of the non-discipline-loving majority, is that you have to START in order to build momentum. In order to plant the seeds for a discipline.

You have to be willing to be imperfect. To be uncertain.

5. There’s brain science behind confidence called the confidence/competence loop.

Basic idea is that you first have to be willing to try/play/show up. This is where Twyla’s framing about seeing your fear and channeling it into exhilaration comes in handy. This is where having your vision on hand/in heart is super helpful as you go to play.

Keep that eye on the prize and you’ll be inspired, not just giving yourself marching orders.

Join me this Friday for my MAGIC HOUR live coaching via fb live — we’ll dig in deep on practice and discipline. I’ll even guide you through a little exercise to help you see where you’re at in your relationship to it. Heyyyy.

HOMEWORK TIME // Ask yourself the following questions — I recommend writing it all down your journal because (say it with me) “writing shit down makes it real”:

  • What is it your trying “to DO” or “get done”?
  • What are you afraid of around this?
  • Why? Why do you really want this thing? Zoom out and understand your big picture.
  • What would be true about you and your life if you accomplished this thing?
  • How do you really want to FEEL as you do the thing…not just when it’s completed. (ie I want to lose weight so I can feel lighter/freer/happier, etc. AND I want to feel proud and loving towards my body as I engage in physical activity. I want to experience feelings of deep worthiness as I connect to my vessel and my deepest potential) — see how that second part really juices your goal up? #thegospelofqualityofexperience
  • Give yourself a by-when date you’re willing to start showing up, wholly, into this desire.
  • Honor your vision, acknowledge your fear, show up, build momentum, choose confidence.

The Redux: Hold your vision > Show up > Acknowledge fear > Keep showing up > Feel the confidence of your showing up > Momentum building > Show up with less fear, less struggle and more positive, creative energy > Ritual/Practice established!

Give it a whirl my dear!

Practice makes…momentum, confidence, competence, vision-alignment.


* Fear will always be there. I’m not even sure I really believe in the idea of fearless…instead, I think it’s more about acting with acknowledgment of your fear but NOT letting it control your decisions. See the fear, but act from love.