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Connect And Get Some Guidance

connect and get some guidance

Some updates on how to connect with me right now and get some guidance…

MAGIC HOUR // Join me on instagram every Friday live at 11 am PT for my weekly MAGIC HOUR. I’ll be sharing insights, practices, and a little guided meditation on grounding into the present moment/your body/mama earth so you can see the big picture of your life with more clarity.

SPACE HOLDING THIS WEEK // This week (6/11-15), all week, I’ll be holding space for you. Yeah, Monday through Friday I’ll be live 6:30am PT and 6pm PT, for about an hour, on instagram (and I’ll try for fb too as long as my internet can handle it) with a short guided meditation, and then space to just sit with me, breathe, call your energy back to your body, meditate, slow down, do you.

This is NOT a meditation class. This is an opportunity to slow down with a little guidance, tenderness, and support. Here’s my insta, here’s my fb (it’s my private group, so you’ll have to request to join if you’re not already in). Put it on your calendar.

Come by for 5 minutes, the hour, 45 seconds, whatever you got. The reward is in the showing up (and slowing down).

QUESTIONS + A GIFT // Do you have a big decision you’re trying to make in your life? If so, about what? What do you think has been in the way (timing, fear, other people, your own damn self, etc)? From where you’re standing now, what do you think/feel you need to make this big decision? What do you do to help find clarity? Send me an email and answer these 4 questions and I’ll enter you in a drawing for a free 60-min session with me. I’ll put all your names in a hat and draw this Friday 6/15!

FREE GUIDED MEDITATION/TRAINING & GUIDE // Check my Slow The Eff Down guided meditation to help you, well, slow down and tune into what’s most important. Think you can get big life clarity moving a million miles an hour? Really? Try slowing down your body and mind to connect with your inner guidance and do what you’re really here to do.