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Do’s & Don’ts For Eclipse Season (how To Really Be Alive)

do’s & don’ts for eclipse season (how to really be alive)

How often do you put yourself on the top of your list?

Do you erase yourself and hold back your deepest desires for your work, your love, your family, your…(fill in the damn blank)? How committed are you to protecting your energy?

It takes courage to put yourself on the board. And it’s not always easy to be so brave.

Many of us learn that it’s more important to take care of others (which is a completely relative concept that can mold to any random person’s programming), and make sure others are “ok” (also, relative), over our own needs and desires. Sound familiar?

I’m having a hard time thinking of one client I’ve worked with who didn’t struggle, in some aspect of their lives, with expressing their needs. With, ultimately, protecting their magic.*

And I have definitely traveled this road. I spent a lot of time as a super-Libra people-pleaser. Then my inner rebel would show up and stomp that shit to bits. She’s no joke.

Serious psychic ping-pong, let me tell you. Recite the following OUT LOUD (see pic)…

(I posted this image awhile back, but it bears repeating. Especially during this eclipse season, full moon, 8-8 lion’s portal.**)

Whew, how did that feel?! Do it again if it felt liberating or cringe-worthy. Or both. GO.

Because no matter how in tune, aware, aligned, right-on-top-of-that-Rose*** you may be, it takes patience, grace, awareness, and some definite self-love to gently soothe and tell your insecurities to pipe down.

NOT to resist them or push them aside, but to acknowledge them, have your feels, be at peace with where they come from, make a decision about the road you want to travel, and then move forward.

You need a little support here. I need a little support here. We all need a little support in right friggin’ here. To love and put yourself first (or, geez, even in your top 3) it can feel like swimming upstream against life’s structures.

So here are a few do’s and don’t to support you in diving in and swimming up, up, up, up to your own liberation.


  • Do be tender with yourself. Because this is your life, not that awful show Survivor that my mom watches. (Sorry, mom.)
  • Do give yourself permission to change your mind, cancel commitments, let go, move on, etc. (See helpful list above…)
  • Do take some off-time. Lay like broccoli, don’t DO anything. Stillness is liberation.
  • Do slow down. Smell the roses. I’m serious. Who’s going to enjoy your life for you?!


  • You don’t have to make it ok for everyone else
  • You don’t have to make anyone feel anything about you or what you’re up to
  • You don’t need to manage any experiences (your own or for others)
  • You don’t have to control. It. That. Anything. You can’t. You don’t! Accept.

Show up for your life with integrity. You’ll get what you need. All the feels may be present, but that’s ok. Experience your beautiful life.

> Check my slow the eff down meditation as a supportive tool for this time (and if you already have it, bust it out again my friend!)

> If you need more support, book a 90-minute private session with me!


* I just went back through my ever-growing list of 92 1-on-1 clients (wowza! how blessed am I?) to verify.

** Basically, it’s a time of beginnings and endings. Openings and closings. It’s a time of accelerated growth and change. Shedding light on what lives in the shadows. Our unseen baggage…. so it’s ok if you’re not an astro-nerd, you can totally be aware of the present energies and work with them/leverage them to your advantage. Sometimes, astrology is a relief for me. I realize, “Oh that’s just what’s happening, so I don’t have to resist or question it, I can just move through it with consciousness.” Exhale.

** Shout out to all my 90s bae’s out there…Christina Applegate at her finest #donttellmomthebabysittersdead