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Everything New Is Old. Everything. (+ A Free Class To Help You With All That Old Stuff)

everything new is old. everything. (+ a free class to help you with all that old stuff)

My life has gotten infinitely more interesting/rich/wild/elevated as I’ve tuned into and started syncing with the cycles. The cycles, you ask?

  • The lunar cycle (love me my Many Moons workbook by Modern Women) along with regular ritual and spell casting aligned with the phases of the moon…powerful!

  • My menstrual cycle. Um, you’re basically 4 different people during each phase of your cycle. Get ye to the book Woman Code if you’re a cis-woman.

  • The seasons (helloooo Spring Equinox), duh, which are a totally different thing out here in the desert when everything is constantly blooming, dying, blooming, dying, blooming…

  • The complex Saturn cycle! Yes, it’s astrology — and it’s SO REAL. Every ~29 years you go through a major life transformation. Every ~7 years you go through a radical life checkpoint (ages 7, 14, 21, 37, 44, 51ish…). Think about it for a sec…you know I’m right.

The thing with cycles is that everything new is old. Whatever you’re experiencing now is a reflection of something from your early childhood (or your ancestors’ journeys, or even a past life) that’s still hanging around needing attention before it can shift.

If you live your life like you’re just floating around waiting to bump into purpose, meaning, clarity, and ease…then you’re just missing out. Connecting with cycles will help you connect to the rhythms of nature, life, death, change.

And the thing about cycles is that they require you to slow down to really tune in and get the lessons.

So yes, we’re entering into a new phase as spring begins — and with mercury going retrograde in a few days it’s a perfect time to reflect on the past.

What is (or isn’t) working? 
What have you been really wanting to do that you haven’t yet? 
Where’s there some old, stuck-ass energy that needs some shakin’ up?
Is there some deep work you’ve been considering but actually really avoiding?

You can join me and my beloved business partner and astro-sister*, Sandy Sitron, for a free, live class focusing on your Saturn Cycle — one of your most potent, powerful life cycles. 

There’ll be guided personal astrology and inspired coaching tools to help you leverage your biggest challenges into opportunities.

Here are 3 dates to choose from…so pick the time that works best for you! The first one is on 4/2 and that night only there’ll be an extra bonus!

PS Even if you’re not in your Saturn Return (late twenties or late fifties), there’s so much for you in our free class. Tune in and get abundant guidance from an astrologer and a coach (ahem, me) who just want to support your growth. 

We’re born 2 days apart and over the past few days together in Joshua Tree we’ve discovered we’re basically the same person. We love drinking room temp water, working in complete silence, YA sci-fi movies, and countless other weird little idiosyncrasies.