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[freebie] Live Astro-coaching Webinar Series!

[freebie] live astro-coaching webinar series!

Me and my fave creative collaborator, the intuitive astro-genius Sandy Sitron, just launched a 5-month free, live webinar series!

Journey into the mystery of your astrology chart and find cosmically timed transformation. Join astrologer Sandy Sitron and transformational coach Dana Balicki as they guide you to interstellar expansion and growth.

In Astrology, each planet represents a life theme. In this webinar series, Sandy and I will coach you to explore the themes of these planets, dig into your real-life patterns and externalizations of these energies, and help you find soul-driven clarity and alignment.

Not bad, eh?

This is going to be the sweetest combo of astrology and transformational coaching! We are doing this because we LOVE working together and we LOVE the practical magic combo of Sandy’s intuitive approach to astrology and my interpretive dance approach to life coaching.

Sign up here. It’s totally free and totally supportive of your interstellar expansion and growth.

Our first (of 5) live webinars will be on November 14th and we’ll be discussing the North Node and connecting with/living your purpose.

The North Node is what you’re shooting for in this life — what your soul assigned to you in this life that you don’t necessarily have experience with from your past lives. This is all about the new content you’re here on the planet rn to learn about. The North Node shows you something you want but is uncomfortable for you. It’s something you gotta reach for. It’s stretchy, baby.

It’s what defines your purpose. It’s what defines the path to fulfilling your purpose.

Your South Node is everything that you know how to do and have done in many lives. It’s the pattern. The comfort zone. The safe place that requires very little effort to fulfill.

In case you were wondering, my North Node is in Leo, which means that fame and recognition are my stretch point. You got that straight. Being seen can be super uncomfortable for me. Like putting my face all over my website felt CRAZY. But I wanted folks to feel me when they visited. Stretch, stretch, give.

My South Node is in Aquarius. It’s the community organizer part of me. The one who wants to be part of a larger group and community, and who wants to be anonymous. It’s the part of me who is a little bit of a loner (er, maybe more than a little bit) but wants to be a part of a group/something bigger. I totally enjoy being the conceptual mastermind behind something but I don’t necessarily want the recognition.

These are my truths. What are yours? Join me and Sandy starting 11/14.