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Get Sensual…you Know You Want To

get sensual…you know you want to

Ever dream of being so wholly focused and present, so in-the-moment that facebook, google, instagram, cleaning your house, getting another coffee, that half-eaten bag or blue corn chips, or your entire damn phone hold no attraction over you AT ALL?
Or to be so connected, alive, vital and creative that you’re totally attuned to your values and actively designing your life around them? Thus making the world a better place?

You know I’m gonna tell you to slow down. But I’m giving you another access point for that and I want you to practice this weekend.

I want you to get SENSUAL. (And you’ll use this sensuality exercise to help!)

sen·su·al·i·ty /ˌsen(t)SHəˈwalədē/ noun
1 : the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure.
2 : the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses.
Yay for #1! Do that too! But if we look at #2, we have to explore…when’s the last time you…
  • saw something beautiful (it’s Spring, that shouldn’t be too hard),
  • tasted something utterly delicious,
  • heard birds singing a sweet song or a great piece of music (I sure do miss me a good subway musician)
  • felt something nice on your body (a soft sweater, warm tea, a gentle touch from a loved one)?
Think about it for a sec and notice if at that moment you were in a million other places.
When you were noticing the breathtaking, blossoming tree in your neighborhood, were you mentally writing your grocery list? Or were you just focused on the tree…even if just momentarily?
When you’re engaged sensually, you are more present. You are more focused. You’ve been called BACK into your body. And the sensual experience keeps you present, grounded, and focused on REALITY AS IT IS.
This is why being in nature is such a radical, soothing and enlightening experience for so many of us. Our senses are engaged and we feel our own aliveness.

Sensuality ➝ present and in your body ➝ ultimately slowing down + getting turned on = Lit up! Synapses firing! Energy flowing!

Slowing down to speed up — see what I did there?

>> So use this sensuality meditation and then join me today ~ I’ll be live at 11am PT today talking about sensuality and slowing down — join me on my instagram LIVE!
>> If you haven’t yet taken advantage of (um, another) free bit of guidance from me, here’s my Slow The Eff Down guided meditation/training/guide.
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