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Slow, Alone, And Quiet: The New Way To Be

slow, alone, and quiet: the new way to be

The signs are all around. If you’re moving slow enough to let the clarity rise to the top. I spent last weekend in Seattle at a super woo-woo sound meditation conference. It was subtle and inner-tectonic-plate-shifting. Oy, there’s so much to say about everything I saw/felt/moved, howevs, it’s what happened outside the conference that now feels extra important to share.

So it turns out that one of my dear, beloved friends was also at this conference — but I didn’t know it! Yep, we were in the same room with 500 other meditating people for 2 straight days and never connected. I didn’t find out until I got home and I saw a post from her about running through Seatac airport. CRAZY. 

To not spend time with a favorite humxn of mine was actually a blessing.

I was SO grateful for all the quiet alone time I had. I would’ve loved to see her, of course, but between each session, I sat outside on the grass, watched the trees, breathed, felt, grounded, laid quietly in the sun, snacked, and journaled.

I was so full of appreciation for my alone time that I know that’s why we didn’t run into each other.

I was also staying with another sweet sister who had just finished a cleanse and was enjoying a little indulgence. Get it, girl. But I’m currently on no alcohol (the desert is a drinkin’ town) and no dairy (didn’t for 6 years but this last year I been all YES PLEASE) under the guidance of my brilliant acupuncturist. Apparently, I’m too damp. Yes, too damp in the desert.

So there was no martini and oyster party for me (I mean, I had the oysters, duh). 

But you know, each morning I woke up immensely grateful that I hadn’t rosé-ed or dairy-ed. I felt clear and bright and remembered the handful of years I wasn’t drinking before I came to the desert. I was slow because I chose to be, not because my motor-skills were dried up.

And all that sound meditation and multi-verse adventuring — plus the handful of other projects that I’m lovingly working on — deserved my attention. On top of that, my inspiration and creativity were flowing!


  • What signs are showing up for you right now?
  • Are you moving slow enough to notice them?
  • Or are you ignoring them?
  • What feelings come up for you as you get that intuitive, “oh this is what’s really happening here” hit?
  • What happens when you make room to see/hear your inner guidance?
  • What opens up for you?

Let the signs come in this weekend. 

Make room for the clarity that is already inside of you. Move more slowly. Cross some events off your calendar. Get still, quiet, alone, and give yourself permission to enjoy some off-time. It’s necessary. Your big life visions deserve the kindness.

PS – If you are looking for some support in slowing down, getting clear, and making big decisions, I’ve got 1 90-minute session left in May and 2 in June. Read more and book here if you’re ready. Questions? Let me know dana at danabalicki dot com

Image by Alexandra Valenti