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Get Unscattered And Whole With These 2 Things

get unscattered and whole with these 2 things

I want you to do something right now. 

Then I have one of my very favorite, free, once-a-year offerings for you, but first this (which is also one of my favorite offerings…wheeee!) —

Take a moment…put your feet flat on the ground. Breathe into your belly. Feel the breath move through your body.
Visualize all the places out in the universe that your energy is scattered…
– emails
– your to-do list
– convos you’re rehashing in your mind, or preparing for, or wish you’d had
– social media chatter
– etc etc etc
…and call those bits of your power back to your body. Visualize it like you’re reeling back in hundreds of kites connected to your body. Or as a teacher of mine says, “you’re a magnet attracting back all the little metal shards of your soul.”
Imagine that energy returning to you, then extend it down to the center of mother earth and wrap it snuggly around the core of the planet.
Hands softly in your lap. Breathe. Feel it. Do it now. Take your time.

How’d that feel? Do you feel a little more you? A little more whole? Maybe even a little more energized? Or maybe a little bit calmer?

If your energy is scattered and you’re running on a mostly-empty tank because there’s so much to DO and never enough time, then all the old records will ALWAYS start playing.
– “Nope, I’m not good enough”
– “Can’t trust anyone to do it right”
– “I’m confused and don’t know what to do”
– “I’m not loveable/attractive enough/worthy of love”
– “I don’t deserve prosperity, success, good things, etc”
– “Better to stay here even if it’s uncomfortable than journey into the unknown, which is probably worse!”
You know, those voices. Feel that familiar ick of self-judgment. That good ol’ ugh of limitation and lack. But how to release all that and take your life next level??*

[Spoiler alert: my free, fave, once-a-year offering] By joining a free class with my beloved Sandy Sitron (NYC-based astrologer) about your powerful Saturn cycle, that’s how!

What the heck does the planet Saturn have to do with personal growth? Quite a lot, actually. 

Every 29 years Saturn returns back to the place in your birth chart as when you were born. So your first major shift (called a Return) happens then. And then again in your late fifties and eighties (+ there are key ages like 37, 44, 51, and 65 that are rich with transition and Saturn energy/lessons, too). 

I just went through my 37-year-old initiation. If you’ve been reading my emails for the past few months, you have an idea.

Because Saturn energy brings a kind of tough love, the ages I mentioned above can feel confusing, distorted, and overwhelming. 37 was no different, except I had the tools to move through it and come out the other side feeling PROFOUND growth and grounding.

So, whether you’re an astrology nerd or not, working with planetary energies is wildly insightful and dramatically shifting. 

Our free, live 90-min class is a one-two punch (er, smooch) of astrological insights and coaching tools to put those insights right into action.

Saturn really wants you to be in alignment! 

Sandy and I really want you to be in alignment!

So sign up and you’ll leave our class (4 times to choose from btw) with a new framework plus new tools to address your own growth while being gentle, firm and focused with yourself!

What do you have to lose? 
What do you have to gain by being clearer, more grounded, gentler, and aligned?

PS We just added a Sunday class, so peep all the times and details here. If you’re even just a little curious, sign up. Trust your gut is pulling you in the right direction.

* Trick is not to push it away, ignore it, resist it. If you do that you’re just strengthening the energetic connection to the thing you DON’T want. And you won’t learn how to create a healthy relationship with this part of yourself. You gotta see it, dance with it, evolve it to release its grip on you. That’s what our class is all about.
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