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Goodbye Perfection! Hello Perfection!

goodbye perfection! hello perfection!

My Libra ass has had some long-standing dances with perfection. I thought that if I did things just so or had things all buttoned up/locked down/my ducks in a row, that everything would be easier. That I’d be on the “right” path.

I was trying to control and overly manage my external reality to try and shift my internal reality. Do you experience this?

Well, as you might imagine, it didn’t work. Because perfectionism is a coping mechanism that masks (sort of) our fear of change. And if you really think about it, what is perfectionism? What does it really mean to you? Is it even a real thing that can be attained? And when you imagine it, is it something you even really want to be?? Probably not, I’m guessing.

Here are a few BIG questions I’ve asked myself over the years to help me shake free of perfectionism and create an entirely new definition that feeds and soothes my soul — and supports me in making BIG leaps into the mystery.

What if you abandoned the idea of perfection?

Of getting it right (especially the first time)?

Of trying to appear a certain way so that we could think that others were thinking of us in that certain way?

What if there were no mistakes? Only opportunities for your growth along the path (that doesn’t mean things aren’t shitty sometimes, just that you don’t have to make yourself wrong about it)!

Imagine what you’d feel like. Imagine the different stories you might be telling yourself.

What if you understood perfection to mean the sheer act of being?

Old patriarchal paradigms of oppressive perfection BE GONE. The age of grace by pure existence is here! Can you feel it?

It’s Aries season! (fiery confidence in your decisions is the name of the game!)

It’s springtime! (Ostara blessings! feel that vital earth energy!)

It was just a libra full moon! (feel that balance and love seeping through??)

Give thanks and use as many !!! as your heart desires!

On top of answering those questions for yourself (I’m serious, this is your homework), here’s how we can navigate this fiery season…

FEEL your feels! They’re not good or bad, they’re informative.

OBSERVE your feelings, mindstates, and old stories popping up. Feel free to write them down in your journal. See prompts above.

ACCEPT AND LOVE your shadows and all your face-down-in-the-dirt moments as much as you love those high flying i’m-in-the-liiight moments.

You can! We can! You must! We must!

Keep going. Embrace the mess. Let it be glorious and tender and informative.

Let’s find joy in each other while acknowledging and taking action around the shadow expressions of our world.

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