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Got Another 6 Months Of This In You?

got another 6 months of this in you?

I have a friend, also a coach, who tells her prospective clients to step up…and that if they don’t, they’ll be in the exact same place in 6 months.

I thought, daaaang girrrrl that’s a BOLD declaration to make to someone you barely know.

And then I thought more about it.

She’s right.

For years, whenever I’d get to the root of a crazy ass, difficult, painful, gut-wrenching, soul-dragging pattern with a client I’d ask them, “how much more time can you spend here like this? A year? Five years? 6 months? 1 month? How long?”

Every time, once they really began to understand the cost of not changing (ie not moving forward, the pain of not living in alignment with your truth, scattered energy, exhaustion, confusion), they say the same thing…

“Not another minute.”

I believe in divine timing. I don’t believe in rushing inner work. I also believe that we put off doing things that feel too hard because it’s part of our coping mechanisms to stay safe and small. Less possibility for perceived potential pain.

I get it.

Nevertheless, because it’s my job to gently yet firmly guide you toward inhabiting the truth of who you really are, here are 4 (of many) reasons why now is the best time to go to the next level of your inner work journey:

  • The opportunities are everywhere. Teachers, guidance, retreats, and trainings (ones you can do from home and anywhere in the world because INTERWEBS!) are so abundant and readily available.
  • Inner work is so much more of a social norm these days. Going on a retreat or working with a coach or healer isn’t just for the woo-woo anymore. No shame in the growth game!
  • It’s literally the season of slow down. Before you start gearing up for the sprint of Fall, nourish yourself and refill your well. It’s summertime! The season of emotions. July and August are natural times to slow down, get quiet and still, and really turn inward. Yes, there’s travel and summer events, but it’s a great time to tune in.
  • It’s also eclipse season! Astrologer Chani Nicholas writes, “Ushering us into a time of personal growth, eclipses bridge the gap between our private and societal lives. With our collective issues amplified, what normally exists just under the surface of our situations gets exposed. What inhibits our access to the truth gets cut away. Quickly.” This is your opportunity to journey into your depths and work through the stickiest and most challenging patterns in your life.

See? Timing is everything.

I invite you to reflect on any of the limiting patterns in your life you’re feeling more and more ready to shift.

Ask yourself, what’s the cost of staying here? 

Imagine where you might be in 6 months if you don’t take a leap…do you have another 6 months in you?

There’s never been a better time to dig in — which is why I’m thrilled to be opening up the doors to my course, CLEAR: A 3-month healing journey to making your biggest life decisions, in just a few days. Right in time to ride the wave of the eclipse energy!

Keep an eye out for an email from me and mark your calendar for July 27th when I’ll be sharing the program enrollment info with you.

Between now and then tune in and listen to your own inner convo about timing and digging deep.

PS – I’ll be live today at 12:30 pm PT on instagram for day 1 of my 5 days of slowdown and get clear series! Put it in your calendar and join me!


Collage by Chani Nicholas