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Hold. Holding. Held. (part 2)

Hold. Holding. Held. (part 2)

Trust isn’t just a switch to be flipped. It has to be earned. It takes patience, commitment, willingness, creativity, vision and persistence like a MF. Self-trust included.

BUT! If you start with setting the intention to trust, that’s when you make space for miracles. You actually create space inside of you to allow trust in.

This is where that compassion lever is helpful…

From the suggested practice in the last post were you able to slow down and notice where some of the roots of your mistrust were — either yours or an ancestor’s? Could you find a little compassion for what you/they went through?

If your lever feels a little jammed in place, try some wd40 for the soul (chicken soup ain’t got nothin’ on this lube job) in the form of:

  • this guided meditation and ritual that I use with my clients.*Important to note: It can bring up some deep emotions, so make sure you’re in a quiet, private place where you feel ok to feel your feels. Have your journal handy. Also, the recording is 20 minutes long, but you may want to pause and take the time you need, so give yourself plenty of time/space to dig in.
  • asking yourself, “What is holding onto this belief costing me?” Your happiness? Healthy relationships? Deep connection? Growth and change? Being wildly honest will help with the psychic circulation of these emotions. The belief will become weaker the more you look at it and ultimately disrupt your participation/connection to the old story that birthed it.

All of this is in service of YOU TRUSTING…so I want you try simply setting the intention in this moment (and then again later, then tomorrow and the day after) to trust. That’s it.

Something like, “I set the intention to begin to open myself to trusting. When I trust I can be safe.” Or something along those lines. Feel your way into it.

If you believe you’re held, you’ll begin to experience what it is to be supported.

Your choice, your only real choice, is whether you live/act/speak from faith in love or faith in fear.


*If you want to go deeper into this emotions work, you are so welcome to book a free consult with me. Let’s chat and see where you’re at and where you’d like to go.