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It’s My Birthday And I Have Something For You

it’s my birthday and i have something for you

It’s my birthday. I’m 37.

I’m not afraid to get older. I’m 100% way cooler now than I was at 27.

Sure my shit was perkier and my hair was shinier, but geez I was messy. Drank too much. Felt so much without knowing what to do with it all. Worked too hard. Had no boundaries. My love came through in judgment and consistent, micro-doses of passive aggressiveness. Gah.

Now, I have gray hair and I love it.

I have wrinkles and I’m not sure I totally LOVE them (working on it), but I’m wildly grateful for my inner/outer beauty, my vibrancy and vitality.

For the past few years I’ve been all “this is my year of Beyonce body” and then I still have my body. Which is perfect because she’s mine.

I don’t have children. I’m still not sure I want them. I’m open to it, but I’m not a go right now.

I have amazing friends. Like OMG how did I attract such incredible witches into my life??!! I am continually evolving into a more supportive beloved for them.

I have a brilliant, passionate husband with long, merman hair who cooks for me. We work hard on our relationship. I’m learning constantly about what true partnership and true vulnerability are.

I’m really learning what it means to love, be loved…to truly RECEIVE love and abundance.

It’s that learning that fuels my life’s purpose. My work is my favorite. I have hobbies and creative impulses and I live on beautiful land in a sweet home in the desert. And still, my work is my life’s work and I get excited about it every. single. day.

I feel so grateful to know it. To design my life around it. To embody the teachings as a student myself. To get to share with people around the world the gifts of mindset shift, manifestation, deep connection, personal and collective evolution, and how to align with their purpose.

So for my birthday, there’s nothing I want. Except, you know, world peace, goodwill toward all sentient beings, compassionate evolution, chocolate. The yooj.

I guess all I really want is to connect with you. I’m here, as you may know, to help us see how we belong to each other.

Join my upcoming energy work challenge. It’s a gift from me to you. Who says I gotta get all the gifts today?

When you sign up, you get:

  • 6 days of me in your inbox with 3 purpose-illuminating exercises
  • 6 days of live coaching with me via my private fb group
  • All to support you in getting aligned with your purpose using powerful exercises to leverage your own energy and the infinite energetic potential for manifestation surrounding you in every moment of your life.

How’s that sound?

It’s free. It’s simple. It can have a big impact if you let it. Sign up today!


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