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I’ve Been A Little Shook (vulnerability Hangover, Anyone?)

I’ve been a little shook (vulnerability hangover, anyone?)

Yesterday I wanted to announce to you a big balloon-and-confetti launch of the Saturn Return Workshop — a program I’m so proud of it hurts — but I changed my mind because, tbh, I’ve been a little shook since Monday night.

It was the first of 4 free, live classes on Saturn that my brilliant business partner and I hosted...and the webinar was so vulnerable that I had a little vulnerability hangover all day Tuesday (not in a bad way, just in a slightly out-of-body, turning-inward way). I’m not unfamiliar with this experience and I know how to refill, but it can still surprise a witch.

Our culture really gives us mixed messages about vulnerability —  that it’s weak or undesirable. Or that we need to be vulnerable but within some totally unclear parameters, therefore unsafe.

So many strangers showed up and shared themselves with such generosity and courage that after the call was over I had to lay on the ground to anchor back into the earth. I had to breathe and laugh and tear up. I had to let the emotions move through me rather than attach to them.

It doesn’t really mean anything that this call was so spectacular. Meaning, my worth is not hinged to how people perceive me or how many people show up on my webinar. Of course, it means a lot to me and the people who were on it that the sharing was so rich, no denying that. But I’m not defined by numbers or other people’s perceptions.

If you get caught up in trying to imagine what other people are thinking of you, you’re giving your power away. Your dancing with your Inner Critic. The Inner Critic is an archetype of Saturn, believe it or not. Which we’ll be dancing with HARD in the Saturn Return Workshop (Balloons! Confetti! Just launched! Click that link!).

It’s such a gift to be able to hold spaces like this for others. And then to turn around and do it for me. I learned this over many years and I know that because I do it for myself that I can do it for others…

There’s still an opportunity to join me, my brilliant business partner and astrologer, Sandy Sitron, and a pop-up community of courageous humxns, to do some real inner work in one our live, free online classes. You’ll get to know me and Sandy and what we’re offering.

Choose from 3 dates here.

And if you’ve been waiting for awhile to work with me and haven’t made the leap for one-on-one work, this program could be a perfect fit. We’ve answered all the questions and shared testimonials and course info galore over here. Plus a video of me and Sandy that is so cute (and informative), I can’t even.

I’m sharing all this and not just the balloons/confetti because… 

1) YES, of course, I want you to join me in my course. Duh, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever made and I know it’s a real game-changer. AND

2) I also want to be transparent with you about my journey as a healer and guide. As a self-employed mystic, city-gal turned desert-dweller. I know that some in my community are on similar trajectories, and this is my version.

My sincerest hope is always that what I’m sharing supports you in your growth.

PS Part of a vulnerability hangover is overwhelming appreciation (at least for me). So THANK YOU for allowing me in your inbox, on your screen, in your field every week. I’m beyond grateful to share your valuable time.