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Join My 8-day Energy Work Challenge!

join my 8-day energy work challenge!

Have you noticed that you can’t throw a rock in the interwebs without hitting two dozen online challenges about sculpting your butt?

No shame in the toned butt game, howevs, I’m picking up on something more integral, intimate, important (and interpretive…love my i adjectives!).

It’s energy work.

Energy work is the gateway for how we, not only, understand that we are connected to a field of infinite possibility and potential, but how we ENGAGE with that field of energy to catalyze change in our lives.

You already know (or if not, surprise! And you’re welcome!) that your thoughts shape your reality. I believe we must take it a step further into the framework that your THOUGHTS COME FROM YOUR BELIEFS. Your beliefs are the deepest, core shapers of your life.

And baby, most of us are just riddled with limiting beliefs and trying like hell to fight our way through them. The fight is draining you.

That is why I’ve been wanting to create practical and magical ways to make holistic transformation as accessible (and fun) as possible. That is why I’ve created this FREE 8-day energy work challenge**, starting Monday June 26th.

Sign up here to join the energy work challenge.

  • Every other day I’ll send you a new energy exercise. So 4 in total — spaced out so you can see them in action.
  • In between exercises I’ll send you tips on how to stay focused and engaged.
  • And each day, via facebook live (9-9:15am PST) I’ll guide you through the process, give you more insight and strategies for consistent, practical use. It’s best to tune in live at 9am pst for my 15-20 minute lessons so you can interact with me and ask questions. But if you can’t join live, you can always watch the replay later!

The WHY + HOW of energy work…

Like I said, most of us are just operating out of ancient thought patterns (aka beliefs) even though we think we’re being super free, high vibe, and innovative.

You’ve downloaded your parents’/ancestors’/cultural fears straight into your consciousness without even knowing it! You’ve likely noticed the negative thoughts battling for your attention…realizing you sound just like your parents!

With this challenge you’re going to move from the concept of thoughts/beliefs shaping your reality to actually SEEING that they do.

Witnessing with your own eyes that you can change your reality by observing it (oooh yes, bring dat conscious mind!) will actually rewire your brain and let you release from the old patterns.

Sign up! Don’t miss this opportunity.

You’ll learn, through your own experimentation, how connected you really are to the universe of infinite possibilities.

Get ready to get free.