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Surprise! Your power doesn’t come from that

Surprises are fun when they're bouquets of stargazer lilies or artisanal herbacious chocolates that my husband says taste like soap (yum)! Surprises are *possibly* less fun when it's me telling you that your power may not come from where you…

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  • February 3, 2017

On sore butts and being alive

Something totally unexpected happened to me on the way home from my Tuesday evening barre sculpt yoga class. (Yes, even in the desert one desires a firmly toned behind). So right after class, a few sweaty, achey-butted gals were talking…

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  • January 19, 2017

How to do nothing (and win everything)

Do you know how to do nothing? Meaning...well, not do anything. Nada. No plans. No efforting. No crunching, grinding, crushing. You make time for you and don't fill it up with stuff and doing. It's not "here's 1 hour of…

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  • January 10, 2017

Take care, those dreams

Take your dreams seriously. Because I SWEAR TO GODDESS if you don't, no one else will. Stop looking to others for approval. Just stop it. Give it to your damn self. Think about it. How fucking great is that?? You…

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  • December 2, 2016

what I’ve really wanted to say

I've been sitting with what I really want to say to you...with the conversation I really want to have right now. I feel like we're all working so hard to figure things out. Trying to make sense of how and…

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  • November 10, 2016

Grateful Wednesday

I'll admit it freely...I'm a gratitude junkie. Awe and wonder have always been in abundance for me since I was a kid. I oooh and aaaah at a lot of things (understatement). I used to worry that it made me…

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  • November 5, 2016

Hold. Holding. Held. (part 2)

Trust isn't just a switch to be flipped. It has to be earned. It takes patience, commitment, willingness, creativity, vision and persistence like a MF. Self-trust included. BUT! If you start with setting the intention to trust, that's when you…

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  • October 29, 2016

Hold. Holding. Held. (part 1)

Do you ever feel like there's no safety net? If you fall, no one will be there to catch you? Perhaps that you're all alone in the world (when it really, really comes down to it)? Or that you can only…

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  • October 21, 2016