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Learn To Love Better Because You Must

learn to love better because you must

I had a sassy email all ready to send you. About families and all the craziness we exchange…especially during the holidays. And then I got word that a beloved member of my hi-desert community passed suddenly.

There’s a lot of pain and confusion right now. I’m swollen with the reminder that there’s no way to ever know what’s in store for any of us.

Every day is the opportunity to love like it’s your last. Not with the fear of death looming over you, but with the joy and mystery of this insane gift of life. 

I could say “love is this” and “love isn’t that”, but it’s really up to you to discover it for yourself.* To make your own meaning in this ever-shifting nature of reality.

What I do know is that this holiday season, you have another truly amazing opportunity to love: 

yourself enough to be honest with (and forgive) the limiting stories you’ve really been telling yourself about you, the world, your family;
> yourself enough to acknowledge the quality of experience you really want to have in this life and start owning it;
your beloveds enough to let them manage their own emotions and experiences;
> your 
beloveds enough to let them have their own journey, they have a right to it — everyone does;
> your family enough to break the pacts that are hurting you all with their ancient toxicity;
> yourself and your beloveds enough to draw healthy boundaries, even if you’re just figuring out what those are;
> yourself and your beloveds enough to call on the support you need to be free, present, and clear;
> this mama earth enough to get crafty and local with your gifting (sidenote/important note).

So to support you in your evolution of loving…

>> I’m hosting my first-ever *stay centered & in your power through the holidays* webinar on 12/11. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I’ll lovingly guide you through all the things I listed above and more. I can’t wait to be with you.

>> here’s a lovingkindness-meta meditation I made you a while back. Try it out and let me know how it feels for you.

If you want to change the world,
go home and love your family.
– Mother Theresa**

* Recently, I was writing about white supremacy and how standing up for justice is an act of love. I still stand strongly by that assertion. 

** I know we all have different family stories. Thus we all have different expressions of love. It may look like drawing boundaries. It may look life forgiveness of ourselves. It may look like forgiveness of others. Find the way you need to love and be loved. Model it and invite others to join you in it.

Image by Bryce Wong