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Make Way For Great By Letting Go Of Good (aka Clean Your Damn Closet)

make way for great by letting go of good (aka clean your damn closet)

On Sundays, I set the intention to open up receive the message I am to share for the week. Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it shows up in every conversation, my relationships, my inbox, in spirit whispers, and my dreams. The irony is that it’s about letting go. So here’s this week’s bully of a message…

Let that shit go. Clear it out. Release!

Or as Carl Jung said it so elegantly, “If better is to come, good must stand aside.”

Trust me when I tell you, good does NOT just stand aside on its own. You have to consciously move it aside. You must acknowledge that what you really want is greatness (aka clarity, abundance, love, joy), and then know that sometimes good is in the way.

You may have a life of good. Good job, nice place to live, decent relationships, etc. But you feel something else pulling you, yes?

From my little desert perch, I don’t know what it is exactly that you need to release; yet, I know you have a sense. You feel it.

Yes, of course, it’s uncomfortable to imagine letting it/good go and it’s way easier to push all that aside for “later” when you have more time/space/energy “to deal” with it.

But now’s the time. Change can only be made in the present moment — not in the past and not in the future. Your power, my little winding pea tendril,* is in the RIGHT NOW.

Maybe you are holding onto: old ways of being; old patterns of communication and connection; uncomfortable but familiar sources of stagnancy in your relationships; attachments to all sorts of people/memories/experiences/things that aren’t loving or supportive; or old junk in your physical space that’s literally clogging up your psychic pipes as you try to call in change, transformation, newness, and growth.

What are you holding onto that is actually holding you back?

We’re in a New Moon period right now (hello, darkness my old friend), and it’s an opportunity to become the light, the clarity, the illumination we need. To shine brightly upon our wholest** selves.

When you zoom out and shine your light on you, what do you see? What do you want to see? How do you really want to be alive, my love?

One “easy” way to clear things out is to actually clear things out.

  • Clear that closet > buh-bye cute levis with excellent cheekspread but haven’t fit in 2 years!
  • Deep clean that apartment > see ya icky and unidentifiable baseboard build up!***
  • Empty that junk drawer > sayonara old bills, expired coupons and superglue that won’t open.
  • Throw away the old food in the fridge > farewell 2 tablespoons of nonsense-fancy kale/cilantro dressing from January!
  • Open up your calendar > adios obligations that don’t really light you up!

Practice letting go. Practice discernment. Practice only making room for joy.

Make space for what you really want.

And once you start, you will likely find it’s easier to clear the inner clutter. You’re gonna build that discernment muscle.

  • What, internally, can you gently release? Remember, this isn’t about rejection, pushing down, resisting. This is about conscious letting go.
  • What are you making room for with that release? With that space you’re making? What are you calling in?
  • How and where will this release need to take hold in your life? Are there thought or behavior patterns that will need to change to support the release over time?

This may bring up all sorts of stuff for you. It’s ok! You’re making room. Some emotional and psychic creepy crawlies are gonna surface. Give them permission and let them go too.

There’s no freebie or MAGIC HOUR this week as I’m traveling (I’ll miss you!), but in the coming weeks I’ll DEFINITELY do a live coaching hour in my private facebook group (the hi-vibe lo-down) on this…we can compare notes and you can ask me anything.

Get in the habit of only keeping what’s most important.


* pea shoots, fiddlehead ferns, ramps. jaysus crystals, i miss you nyc farmer’s markets.

** made up word #709. logged.

** I don’t actually have baseboards yet in my new house, but when I do, I’m gonna wipe ’em down regularly because we gotta keep that earth connection clean.

image from pinterest = not sure who the photographer is!