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Mediocrity, Hard Work

mediocrity, hard work

If you’ve got some big feels and deep dark shadowy bits rising to the surface (especially intimacy and relationship issues), know that it’s perfect timing — even if it’s hard. All we have to do is look outward and see that the same is happening collectively and remember that we, yes we, can do hard things.

I did a gorgeous New Moon tarot spread from Sarah Gottessdiener’s Many Moons workbook and you know what came through? Hard work. Tbh, I was hoping for something easier. HA!

But I asked what do I need to see to get from all my new creative projects to holding the highest and best space as a spiritual guardian of our collective well-being (a pretty typical Dana inquiry) — and the answers I got were:

    • it’s gonna be hard, but your strong
    • don’t get distracted by the petty earthly (root chakra) shit and momentary distractions that are happening all around you*
    • pay attention to what is true, let spirit guide you forward (pain and loss could show up, but don’t wallow…even if it’s hard)
    • be unfuckwithable (high priestess card, hello!)
    • competition and issues with structure may arise, but stay focused
    • there may be a time of judgment, so stay in integrity on the path
    • you will find joy in the depth and breadth of your work, a new way of being with the bigness of it 

…and these are the keys to holding space for collective well-being.

I’m sharing this because I swear it felt like way more than just a personal reading. It felt like a mass pep talk (er, pep read?) for the months ahead post-Kavanaugh, as we unpack our privilege (‘specially us white folk), believe survivors, dismantle white supremacy and patriarchy, and do our best to walk back climate change.

Oh and not to mention YOUR LIFE, too. All that’s in the swirl. Whew! But goddess-dammit we can do it. We must. As we heal the earth heals.

We’re being called to address our collective truths, which requires us to look inward on a personal level. The systems are decaying. There’s work to be done.

So, how are you feeling about the hard work ahead? I used to have an orientation that hard work always lead to burnout. I don’t believe that anymore. I know there’s another way.

I’ll keep sharing tools and stories and insights and anything and everything I can to support you like it’s my job. BECAUSE IT IS. And I take this very seriously.

Here’s an interview with me on Sarah M. Chappell’s podcasts So You Wanna Be A Witch? where I talk about burnout and hard work… listen and if you’re so inclined, rate it on iTunes and feel free to leave a review. Sarah does great work and I was SOOO honored to be featured.

* What is happening politically in our world is not what I would put in the petty category. Petty is like the shit that’s sticking you about someone else’s insta post about their vacation or some smoothie recipe. Or the person taking too long in line in front of you. Or you overheard that someone maybe said something to someone else and know you’re mad. You know what I mean? Petty.