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Mercury Rx And Tree Songs: What The Elements Have To Teach Us

Mercury Rx and Tree Songs: What the elements have to teach us

Some of my biggest teachers have come straight from the earth and the sky. Call ’em Mother Earth, Father Sky. Call ’em whatever you want since your connection to your inner realm and how you access it (be it in nature, prayer, meditation, good food, bathtime, sex) is uniquely yours.

So, however you connect and relate (or don’t) to what is happening all around you all the time, know that there are ample opportunities to be had in the form of earthly/ethereal wisdom whenever you choose or accidentally access it. Let’s be clear, sometimes it wants to access you.

Mercury Retrograde can feel like such a time when your life is being all interfered with, am I right?

Take what you want from this…I just thought it was so beautiful and hand to be shared. Just this morning I was listening to the music of the trees in my backyard as the limbs and trees rubbed and whined, the leaves dazzled and trembled.

And then I found this, tree music taken to the next level.

The trees and the stars have been around a helluva long time longer than us, so I’m of the clear notion that we have lots to learn.

Recently, I realized that between my partner and I we have no more elders in our family. No grandparents, no great aunties or uncles, no one over the age of 66. Which in some cultures is quite old…but in our western we-can-and-should-live-forever culture, it’s really not.

In this current lack of elders in my life I get to look without and see how many gorgeous teachers there are on (and off) this planet AND as I’m writing this I realize that I have an opportunity to re-consider my parents as elders. My parents are actually the eldest of their brothers and sisters and have now inherited the spaces of matriarch and patriarch of the families.

Reconsideration is a strong element of Mercury Retrograde, and so it’s to the stars we look next.

In terms of the astral biz that applies to you, we are thick in Mercury Retrograde until July 1st…here are some excerpts from one of my favorite astrology portals Mystic Mamma post on Mercury Rx.

“…The retrograde will be an extremely important one showing us how to get past internal arguments between past realities and current necessities, and give us one look back so we can get clear about how to shape our social expression with skill and beauty to reveal to others our internal values. We can see what we needed to learn relative to recent critical decisions, and how to take a look back on different methods and possibilities.
“Some will see what contributes to hesitation or insecurity about a life corner that’s already been turned, preparing to reshape their expression before moving forward boldly in July. Others will take a look back, say goodbye, and cast off the old family patterns forever.This can give us a new look at fluid ways of moving with life energies.
“Pay attention to reflections, returns, and new insights into the emotional intelligence that you’ve been cultivating since last June. This is the first review in the year since all the planets moved into the Grand Water Trines last June, July, and August. This shows us what’s shifted since then, and will reveal an internal arguments trying to distract us from pursuing our future with confidence…”
“Consider the next 3 weeks as a bridge between old discoveries and new ways to live them, where we will find many interesting insights based in looking back or within. Here we see what has been, and why things have shaped themselves the way they have.
“Pay attention to the signs, signals, information, and understanding that come through your feelings and introspection, since seeing how things have changed the past few months will bring clarity about the new cycle in play since last July.

This is an invitation to pay attention and show up for yourself. Even with all the brain fog and miscommunication inherent in the retrograde, we can see everything around us as a teacher, and it will be — if we let it.