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MAGIC HOUR #2: Ego Vs Intuition

MAGIC HOUR #2: Ego vs Intuition

Magic Hour #2 succumbed to Mercury Retrograde and the fact that I live in a rural area and the interwebs are finicky. So instead of live I had to make a recording…still legit info tho.


  • We make an average of 35k decisions a day — over 200 on food alone.
  • You have different aspects of your psyche always trying to communicate with you, especially when you’re making decisions (benign or serious).
  • You can learn to discern between the voices (mostly the ego vs the intuition).
  • When the ego shows up (all the time) you can use it as an opportunity to see an old pattern/wound in play…and disrupt it. Ultimately, over time and with practice, healing it.
  • Your intuition is ALWAYS there, but you likely need to cultivate a stronger relationship to listening to it. Your ego has probably been taking center stage.
  • You’re not alone! Pretty much everyone goes through this on the daily.

Watch the video here to learn how to navigate your inner voices (especially if they’re battling and keeping you from taking progressive action).

Plus, download your very own emotional emergency kit to help you discern which inner voice is talking and how to listen to the one that is connected to your deepest truth.

Join me every week, Friday at 11am PST for M A G I C  H O U R live coaching over on my facebook page /danabalickicoach

**I think my new favorite thing is to find awkward video stills of myself. So fun!