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Mindset Was Half The Answer (a Really Good Half, But Still Just Half)

mindset was half the answer (a really good half, but still just half)

The work that I told you about yesterday was key to a real-life, bonafide turning point. I was 27 — right on the cusp of my cosmic right of passage (via Saturn Return)* that none of us escape unstretched — and in psychic crisis.

I had created a life that was draining me. And because I was drained, I couldn’t really show up in service of changing the world without martyring or victimizing myself. My desire to help others was sucking me dry. And I was letting it.

Even though everyone was telling me how great the work I/my organization was doing, how cool it was that I was so passionate…I didn’t really know myself. It was a bit of a shit show.**

So when I first learned about empowerment and mindset***, I (maybe you can see this one coming…) got into action. I started doing.

I sho nuf did.

I was driving my boyfriend into a mental short-circuit by constantly explaining and hashing my new mental/emotional/spiritual framework. Boundaries were being created left and right without a real understanding of what I wanted from them. It felt like I had a new superpower, but I didn’t know how to use it yet.

Because I had this new consciousness of my stories and how I got them, I thought that was it. NAILED IT.

The framework I shared yesterday was (IS) so profoundly transformative. Yet the frustrating part was (IS) that there’s so much more to the journey.

Mindset helped me understand the root causes of my biggest, limiting stories. 

Mindset helped me be wildly aware but it wasn’t the whole transformation.  

I was so pumped on my awakening that I did what I always did — got into busy bee mode. I tried to squeeze transformation into my still overloaded schedule. Nevermind that overloaded part, right??

What I learned, firsthand, is that it takes deep self-awareness PLUS tools of manifestation to be truly empowered. Neither of these will do it alone. And this doesn’t come in a day, my friend.

I wasn’t letting the universe support me.

I was trying to do it all myself.

Because that was my thing.

This work is not about doing more. That’s still the old paradigm. The opportunity is to release the addiction to the busy.

You just can’t rush transformation.

Self-awareness without manifestation makes your awareness pretty useless. Chances it’ll turn into justification and be fodder for your ego in no time.

“Knowing how to manifest without the self-awareness renders life impotent,” say my teachers Gail Straub and David Gerson. True dat, y’all.

And that critical combo (of self-awareness and tools of manifestation) is why me and my bestie Sandy Sitron (brilliant NYC-based Astrologer) are hosting a totally FREE webinar on Monday, July 24th at 7pm ET.

Because we have some potentially very juicy support for you.

Sandy will be talking Astrology and this crazy Saturn Cycle roller-coaster you’re on. She’ll put it all in context.

And I’ll be sharing tools and a helpful framework for accessing deeper awareness and learning how to manifest.

BTW manifestation is an art and a science that you need to learn in order to create the life you really want. It is teachable. Let us teach you.

Join us Monday. It’s free.

* Basically, Saturn is orbiting back to the same place in the sky as the moment you were born. This planetary cycle reveals/upends/challenges the very foundation and structure of your life. If you’re currently between the ages of 27-30, or 57-60, you are smack dab in your Saturn Return. Support is key. And hey, if you’re in your early 20s, mid-late 30s and early 40s you’re totally working with intense Saturn aspects too.

**But I totally knew how to navigate shit show. I had become fluent in crazy, swirling, non-stop, bonkers shit show. I was a champ when it came to shit show. See how that works?!

*** By grace of the powerhouses behind We Got Issues (now defunct), Rha Goddess and JLove Calderon, who taught me about mindset, authenticity, manifestation and changed my life forever.