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Our Ferocious Tenderness

our ferocious tenderness

I’ve been having SO many conversations with humxn beloveds irl and in my online communities and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the spaces held with such ferocious tenderness.

All the precious convos, all the thoughtful processing, all the complex emotions. My #ragevolcano is transmuting into an appreciation volcano.*

And look, while I’m still deeply angry, I’m so clear that we’re powerful and our power is growing.

To keep cultivating your power (cuz the world needs it) listen to the needs of your emotional body. Tend to your insides so your outside will reflect your ideals.

If all you can do today is breathe, that’s ok.

Keep learning to stand in your healthy middle. Most of us overextend. We’re taught to. I feel that Dr. Ford showed us that while she was pressing her edge by coming forward, she was also declaring that she would no longer stand to privately emotionally and psychically labor for someone else’s violent crimes.

We’re in a collective healing time now. You can learn to let people rise to meet you. It takes trust, which takes time. Trust, power, healing — they’re all practices.

As much as we’re in a time of justice (the justice card and the high priestess card are our 2018 cards in traditional tarot — makes so much sense, right?), we’re in a time of dignity and refinement (my word of the year). A time when our internal and our external must be in alignment. A time for our deepest values to be reflected in our actions.

We’re continuing to dig deep in the unearthing of our traumas. There’s a collective transmuting of the pain and suffering and anger held by billions of beings on the planet right now. We’re making more space within ourselves to access our sovereign identity And are elevated consciousness.

Take the time you need to be gentle and recover, to self-care, to find appreciation and joy in the process.

Because then comes the brain(and heart)storming, the planning, the strategic and compassionate unleashing! Our disobedience is paramount. And if we burn ourselves out with our disobedience we are only using the old paradigm to over through the old paradigm. Our opportunity is so much greater.

My heart goes out to all those (especially women) who think that Dr Ford is lying and who have little-to-no capacity to believe survivors (or women for that matter). I will do what I can, we will do what we can, to dismantle this toxic system so that we may all again see how we belong to each other.

As difficult as it may seem, we can release the fractured way of relating that involves judgment and coddling one another. We must be the nurturing (and wolves can be nurturing, mind you) ones. The ones who stand for dignity and truth and justice, even when it reveals our shadows and ugliest sides.

*And know that appreciation is a wildly powerful, active emotion! If you’ve been experiencing gratitude as passive, you may be bullshitting yourself and bypassing…check in with you, bb.

**Originally shared with me by my indomitable teacher Julia Frodahl.