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Your Presence Is The Greatest Present

your presence is the greatest present

I come from the school of #BuyNothingDay. Of Reverend Billy and the Shopacolypse (and now the SHIPocalypse with all the product shipping). Of giving that doesn’t include buying.

So here are a few gifts for you because by buying nothing today on Black Friday, I am giving everything.

And because I get to choose how I honor your journey. I listen in to what feels good to me and I go there. I’m the boss, applesauce. How liberating. Ok, so here goes…

  • I’ll be live at 11am PST TODAY on my fb biz page for my weekly MAGIC HOUR. I’ll be talking about self-care (building on my last email) and becoming more present in your life…super helpful at this time of year. Promise.
  • Here’s my embracing change meditation. If you’re self-sabotaging, getting distracted, dragging your feet, this is for you.
  • Here’s my grounding meditation. If you’re feeling spun out, drained, insecure, unsafe, all over the place, drained, or some other feelings where you just don’t feel tuned in, tapped in, turned on to your overall vitality…this is for you.
  • Here’s a loving-kindness meditation/visualization. If you want to boost your sense of self-love, deep connectedness to others and the planet in this time of separation, busy-ness and loving-through-buying mania, this is for you.
Your presence is the greatest present. Loving yourself enough to listen to your own needs and desires is invaluable. Self-care is everywhere.

Loving you,

PS I hope to connect with you today at 11am PST for MAGIC HOUR and if you’re in my private facebook group (anyone can join) I’ll be doing a live oracle card reading and meditation tomorrow morning at 9am PST.