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You Doing The Real Work? How To Be Aware Af

you doing the real work? how to be aware af

If you want things in your life to change, you have to go to the root.

When the foundation is crooked you can’t rearrange the furniture and expect to feel better for too long.

Oooh but you’ll try. So hard. In fact, you’ll put so much time, money, energy into external shifts (or even the more subtle versions of pushing away bad thoughts for more posi versions) that you’ll convince yourself that you are doing the deep work.

When really, you could just be keeping yourself busy. Avoiding. Resisting. As per usual. As per the old paradigm and structure that you’ve been steeped in most of your life…inherited through a lifetime of programming.*

The old programming will do its darndest to keep you from changing because of fear. Fear of change. Fear of growth. Fear of, ultimately, the unknown (aka “the unsafe”).

If at any moment you’re pointing outside of yourself saying, “Things aren’t working because of that over there” or “I tried but I just can’t because xyz”, then you ain’t doing the work.

You aren’t going to the root and taking responsibility for the stories you perpetuate about yourself that keep you small.

Yes, of course, there are things you have no control over outside of yourself. Things that have happened and will happen in your life. Those are not to be glossed over or pushed down.

Pleasure and pain are inevitable. But the real work is in who you be when you confront those challenges (aka opportunities). 

Will you fall down the rabbit hole of your painful programming that you’ve picked up through your lifetime (society, media, parents, traumas) and believe that you aren’t worthy or deserving?

Or will you uncover it all, look at it, let it go, and create a new, vibrant, enriching reality?

You did, after all, create the original programming. So you can create whatever you want.**

That is the work, my beauty. Starting with awareness — uncovering the old, limiting beliefs — and releasing/dissolving/letting that shit go while creating new beliefs.

That, is how you manifest. Not by crossing fingers and hoping that you get what you want. Manifestation isn’t about getting. It’s about clearing the channel so you can connect with the truth of who you really are and the abundance that is all around you and in you at every moment.

You can create an entirely new paradigm of worthiness that will allow change on a truly scalable level. And you will likely inspire others along the way.

Which makes your change critical for change on a social level.

Which means you doing the work is necessary for the earth’s healing.

Here’s a guided visualization and exercise on Awareness and the Principles of Manifestation that will help you clear away the dirt and grab onto those roots like your life depends on it.

Because it does.


*And transferred to you through your DNA. Studies have shown that the genetic imprints of traumatic experiences can be passed from one generation to another epigenetically. Basically, we get our parents’ undealt with trauma no matter what.

** Or you accepted what was handed to you. You took the pact that was passed down, likely through generations. Which is what all of us do. You’re not alone. But you can break the pact and create your own life.

Image by Maria Aparicio via pinterest