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Season Of Letting Go

season of letting go

Fall was such a wild and rich transition time as we shift seasons — the heaviness of republicans pushing ahead with the Kava-hell-naugh confirmation, the courage of Christine Blasey Ford (!!), the backlash and inescapable reality of rape culture in every fiber of our society, the rise of the feminine and the revelations that will come as we confront our personal and collective shadows.

Guh. It’s a gut punch and a tender embrace. It’s rage and gratitude. You can hold the oppositions. You, we, contain multitudes.

Surround yourself with inspiration. Good friends and deep, sweet, rich convos. Nourishing food. Good books (I just read Amateur by Thomas Page Mcbee OMG GO GET IT NOW).

That’s what I’m up to. Making room for the complexity of these times so I can hold them and not be dragged under by them.

I saw this very sweet quote this week that said,
“Nothing in nature blooms all year. Be patient with yourself.”

This isn’t the season of blooming, but it’s just as important.

I’m also spending extra time grounding my energy with the consistent and simple practice of:

  • putting my feet on the ground,
  • closing my eyes,
  • taking long slow breaths,
  • visualizing my energy extending from my body all the way to the center of mother earth,
  • and wrapping around the core three times and pulling snuggly…
  • then visualize drawing the earth energy back up your energetic cord,
  • draw the vital earth energy into your body and intend that it is cleansing, clearing, balancing your chakras as it rises up your central channel,
  • cascading out the crown of your head and letting that golden light energy run like a gentle fountain out and around you.

And hey, take it easy with the caffeine and the electronic stimulation! I’m not saying don’t be engaged with the world and your beloveds, just be discerning.

I spent years in the halls of Congress fighting oppressive, illegal, racist foreign policy decisions of the Bush Administration (and Obama too), but that’s not the way I’m showing up these days and that’s ok. Seasons change.