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Self-care Is E’rywhere

self-care is e’rywhere

think about self-care a lot. Because of my super-sensitivity and the chronic pain I’ve danced with for over 20 years, it’s a big ol’ part of my life.

I’ve embraced, resisted, ignored, played dumb, gone overboard, found peace, fallen flat on my face in the dirt, risen like a damn phoenix in my self-care. ALL OF IT.

After all that, I don’t have it all figured out. That’s the crazy thing about self-care…you can’t figure it all out because you’re ever-evolving, so how you care for you (= your spirit/your heart/your mind/your body/your energy flow, etc) is also ever-evolving.

What served you last year or last week may not serve you today. So that juice cleanse last spring might not do it for you this time around.*

Don’t beat yourself up about it, just love yourself enough to ask what you really need. Self-care is everywhere if you let it be. Find that appreciation for being alive.

Here are some things that help me stay grounded and nourished year round and especially this time of year:

  • a hot epsom salt bath (or sprinkle some lovely herbs/oils in there);
  • learning how to say no to others (= yes to me);
  • unpacking my own privilege;
  • getting still, quiet, and alone…5 minutes, a whole damn day or a 10-day silent retreat;
  • praying to AA Michael and sending that shit up the 5th dimensional tube of light;
  • loving myself enough to not pick my face when the pickin’s good;
  • eating more powders than food;
  • eating no powders and only guacamole for dinner;
  • a colonic, chiropractor, and acupuncturist all in one week;
  • reading poetry out loud and feeling all the feelings dance around;
  • Dolly Parton’s “White Limousine” (THE WHOLE ALBUM)
  • noticing when I’m energetically hooked and taking 3 deep breaths to get present;
  • staying with an unpleasant sensation or emotion instead of resisting it;
  • lying still on the mat after only going 1mph in yoga because body is all HEY I SAID SLOWLY and she meant it and maybe for the first time ever you reeeeally listened, so you could see the pain as sensation and it dissolves #truestory;
  • caring for my partner because my inner well is refilled and there’s no obligation present, only generosity;
  • staying in bed an extra hour in the morning just to pet my cat;
  • going on a walk and saying HI I LOVE YOU to every plant;
  • root vegetables in all ways (except white potatoes);
  • oils on my body**, in my diffuser, in my mouth, rubbed in my palms to inhale and center, in my food;
  • going to bed early & waking up early + going to bed at the same time every night;
  • feet in the dirt as much as possible;
  • tending to my little plant babies even though I inadvertently kill them a lot;
  • massages, hair playing, back scratching, all forms of sensual touch, yes please!;
  • eating when I’m hungry and not just because whatever…which means I have to listen to my body and really hear her;
  • drinking water…so much water;
  • raw cacao instead of coffee — if you’re spun out/anxious cut caffeine out or down…your crutch maybe crippling you;
  • sunbathing topless, titties need sun y’all;
  • engaging sensually…smelling, touching, listening, moving, and tasting mindfully;
  • sweating and feeling my body move in alignment with strength and certainty — whether I’m just on a walk or trying to sweat cuz sweating is a must;
  • starting each day off with “It’s another beautiful day in the desert, something miraculous is going to happen to me today. I have all the time I need to do everything I want,”;
  • ending each day with a mental list of things I’m grateful for.

OMYGOSH there’s so much more I could add!

>> UPCOMING: Next week I’m going to announce a special “how to survive and thrive through the holidays” offering…which will basically support you in emerging into the new year with your heart, mind, and spirit intact. Stay tuned.

>> YOUR HOMEWORK: Feel free to pull inspiration from my list or make your own! What are all the ways you care for yourself? The sweet ways AND the challenging ways?

AND totally feel free to hit reply and share yours with me.

Big love to you,

PS Me and my fave creative collaborator, the intuitive astro-genius Sandy Sitron, just launched a 5-month free, live webinar series! It’s totally free and totally supportive of your interstellar expansion and growth. Next one is on 12/12…


*Juice cleansing in the fall/winter = gahhh. Try a soup cleanse. No really.
** I do not subscribe to the whole coconut oil so awesome on the body — it’s an astringent oil = drying.