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(self-love February) You’re The Answer, Not The Problem

(self-love february) you’re the answer, not the problem

The world would have you believe that you got problems. Like a whole lot of ’em. Problems coming out yo’ears needing to be fixed. 

Body? Def a problem. Relationships? A big ol’ problem. Work? Oy, yes, problems there.  Sex? Could use some work. Money? Oh, yeah. Emotional health? Um, totes problems.

So then you gotta do work on your body, and then figure out the whole money thing, and somewhere in there get that relationship business straight, then, oh right, all that work stuff needs attention too!

Gah! OMG I mean seriously, how? (This is what I’m supposed to be showing you right???) And when everything’s a problem, self-love is tricky. 

Well, I got some news you can use, bun…

Your challenges are your opportunities. 
Your life is not riddled with problems. 
You are NOT a problem. 
You are a majestic and unique constellation of experience!
And just like the rest of us, there are some core limiting beliefs at the center of your being (imagine them like weeds) that are popping up in all your life areas…and they need some love and attention.

When you address those deep ones, you see how it’s all connected. You start to feel a sense of integration and oneness.* All areas of your life shift without having to climb each mountain separately. 

A current radiant client of mine is dancing with how to commit more deeply in her love relationship. One solid, simple way is to make commitment a habit in her own life. Show up for her each day — in her journal, in a few minutes of stillness, in any practice. Commitment (any shift, really) in one area will ripple out to all areas.

Another brilliant client of mine came to me with intense anxiety and fears about her life. We went deeeep into her past, present, and future. Untangled roots and yanked the biggest weeds up. So when we got to the focus on money and work, she was ready. Scared, but ready to go BIG because she had tools to deal with fear and she understood where the fear came from.

When I started working with Dana I was feeling disconnected from myself, longing for a way to dig deeper, clear out the negativity, anxiety, and fear that had felt more present in my life than ever before. Dana provided a safe and encouraging space to clear out old ways of thinking/being and opened the door to see the abundance around me and the power I have to create a life in my own vision…I came away feeling empowered to just be me in a way I’ve never felt! I’ve felt a shift in the pride I take in my work and my drive to see that work succeed. In our work, I set a “deep” dream number for my business. I’d never made that much before. And I hit it!!!! I can’t believe it. I have my new number for 2018, I’m feeling the major momentum!

When you can connect your dots and move the energy down at the tectonic level, everything will shift! More room for self-love, too.

Here are a few simple (and woo woo) ways to make self-loving, integrated shifts now (your homework!):

  • Gratitude: Honor what has brought you to this moment. Your past isn’t something to get over, your future isn’t where you tryna be. Be here now. Here is where all the magic happens.
  • Shhhhh: Get still, get present, get quiet. Make time to hear yourself. If you don’t hear/see/love-up on you, who do you think will?
  • Starting small is ok: Notice where you feel like you’re coming up short (the place you tell yourself, “I’m bad at this,” or “I just can’t seem to xyz,” — you feel me) and simplify it. Find the smallest, sweetest way to bring that into your life.
  • Own your grace: You are a tapestry. A constellation. A weaving of heart threads made of the highest vibrational matter. You are living by the grace of the universe. You deserve the best of everything. Be kind to your past you, present you, future you.
  • Energy medicine: Get down with Donna Eden. She’s THE BEST. That wisdom, that hair, that smile, that silk chiffon e’rythang. Here’s her 5-minute daily practice to protect, comfort, and love yourself.