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Self-love Part 3: Investing In YOU

self-love part 3: investing in YOU

There are definitely tips here, but also a bigger POINT, so if you’ve ever wrestled with investing in yourself (time, money, energy) keep reading, lovebug.

I work with a lot of powerful humxns. Like, whoa. Each of my clients is a f*cking boss in their own right — whether they own a successful business or are trying to figure out what the hell to do next with their life because it just ain’t workin’ the way it is. Or they know something miraculous is waiting for them to show up and claim it.

See, their boss status isn’t defined by where they are on their journey; a major defining factor for being a badb*tch (gender neutral categorization of awesomeness) is that they’ve realized they need support and are courageous enough to ask for it.

Aaaand just because they know they need support and gather the stones to ask for it doesn’t make self-investment easy.

Self-investment is self-love is love. Love isn’t always easy. The really good kind inspires you to rise.

Full transparency, I’ve invested tons of time, money, energy into my emotional/spiritual/psychic/physical evolution. Straight up, I’m my own biggest (and best!) investment.

Still, sometimes when I’m on the precipice of growth and I need support, I can be all, “but I really need (fill in the blank with random house improvement),” or “I’ll do it soon, just not right now because TOO MUCH,” or whatever I else I tell myself because when I peel the layers back and look deeply, I’m a little scared of the precipice.

Fear is inevitable. It’s just whether you wave at the fear and do what you need to do, or whether you hand over all your power and let it drive you around.

The work is not to let fear keep you from becoming who you really are.

Here are a few little helpful reminders of what self-investment can be:

  • FUN. My clients and I do a lot of laughing. You can only be so serious when doing deep work. Silliness has profound healing properties.
  • A PRACTICE. Anything that necessitates a sustained shift takes regular commitment and discipline. Practice is not perfection. It’s showing up over and over and over.
  • SCARY. You gotta ride the edges of your own waves if you want to grow. I’m not talking jumping in, getting pummeled by the wave, bathing suit ripped off, sand shot up your holes, and barely making it out alive. I’m talking moving from the comfort zone into your growth zone.
  • EMPOWERING. Identifying a need, owning it’s ok to have needs, and that you deserve to have them fulfilled is power. Pure and simple.
  • SELF-LOVE EMBODIED. Jaysus H., you deserve the investment! Yeah, you! How much time, money, energy do you spend on taking care of everyone else? Hmmm?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you know you need support in a way you currently aren’t getting IN THE WAY YOU WANT IT?
  • What’s in the way of you asking for that support? If your answer is money, I want you to peel a few layers back. Not because I don’t think that’s a legit response, but because it’s not often the case that everything is going smoothly AND you just happen to not have enough money. Whatever you want support on is showing up in your money too.
  • What do you envision your life is like when you’ve had that support? Feel it in your body. Let it permeate your spirit. Fill your mind and heart.
  • What do you need to believe about yourself that would allow you invest in yourself? Go there.

So whether it’s me, a new dentist or gyno, that digital strategist you’ve been dreaming about hiring, or another incredible healer that you’re really feeling like you need some support from, lean into what you need!

If you don’t meet yourself in your needs, no one else will.

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Art by Alexandra Valenti