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Why You Must Get Selfish For The Good Of Humanity (+ A Free Lovingkindness Meditation)

why you must get selfish for the good of humanity (+ a free lovingkindness meditation)

Here’s a thing I know.*

Hurt people will hurt people. #boo
And when people heal, the earth heals. #yay

Suffering is our human common denominator and I could see that as depressing (which then activates my suffering), OR I could recognize it as an opportunity to see how we’re all connected, thus, subtly releasing my grip on my own attachment to suffering.

So why does this matter?

It matters (to me) because I do my work with a Big Picture in mind. My Big Picture is to help heal the earth through non-physical levels of thought and deed in this planet’s inhabitants. No big deal. Oh, that means you.**

Profound, lasting changes and healing happen through realization and learning on an individual and collective scale; and you can’t get collective change without individual change.

It takes all of us! Even that person you think will never ever change or self-reflect in a meaningful, transformative way. Yeah, that one. (Critical side-note: you’re NOT NOT NOT responsible for that person’s transformation, BUT you could be inspirational to others while on your own journey.)

And that’s the bonus. You doing your inner work is critical. It contributes to our collective healing.

I’m writing all of this because I want you to get that.

  • YOU DOING YOU is not selfish in a bad way.
  • YOU DOING YOU is selfish in that you are valuing your time on this earth, this radical gift of life, and want to make the most beautiful go of it.
  • Selfish is not a bad thing. You matter. You deserve happiness.
  • Your happiness is not selfish (aka taking away from anyone else’s happiness).
  • YOU DOING YOU is necessary for our global liberation (not just a selfish endeavor for pleasure-seeking).

Quantum physics tells us that there’s an invisible energetic realm and it’s the primary governing force of our material realm.

In a nutshell (yes, for our purposes here I’m going to boldly/humbly/feebly sum up quantum physics in a nutshell — which sounds like some sort of science pun…), science’s relentless journey to break things into tinier and tinier pieces has brought us to an understanding that nothing (at the quantum level) can be deemed independent of anything else (this is explained through the cuckoo concept of non-locality…juicy stuff, yo).

EVERYTHING can only be understood in terms of the relationships to ANOTHER.

So if/when ever you feel alone on your healing path, wherever you are, know that you are connected, and in divine company.

​​You are moving along with millions of others (so many just on this list alone) who are slowing down enough to listen to their inner guides, get present, and live with awareness and connection.

The author/channel/karmic healer, goddess worshipping Diane Stein says,

“The Earth cannot heal until all who live here are healed…the karmic release and healing of individuals is what makes the Earth changes possible and manifests them on seen and unseen levels.”

Your growth is our growth.
And I know you can you feel the big shifts moving through humanity right now. Now is the time to go in as much as it is to go out.

​​Our instinct is, of course, to go out…to do; we always want to try and change the external without addressing the internal.

You can trust this human (me) who spent a lot of time trying to change the external without working on my internal (broken, colonized paradigm of service and activism), it can be a real recipe for burnout.

So please do still make change in the world, just don’t forget to find it in yourself first.***

You are not alone. The unseeable has your back. The universe is your ally.

​​You are brave. You are wise. Your gifts and insights are needed.

[Go here to get your free lovingkindness meditation to help you cultivate that deep inner connection and deliciously selfish self-love so that you can beam that shit back out like a mf care bear.​]
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* Do we ever really know anything? Who’s the “I” who knows? Oy, I read a lot of Eckhart Tolle, so there’s that.

** Whether you’re my client or just reading these emails, I’m committed to your evolution. This is not a “I think there’s something wrong with you and I’m trying to fix you” vision…rather an invitation to you to go in so we can collectively rise.

** Here’s a great resource around the current (and fevered) public land struggle + an action you can take (scroll down to section on monuments) — real big win potential here. And my current favorite resource for positivity and activism!