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Shadows: White Supremacy And Eclipse Season

shadows: white supremacy and eclipse season

If you’re a sensitive/highly sensitive, empathic creature, or even just someone who considers themselves a conscious human trying to live peacefully and purposefully, then you’re getting THE CALL to step up your spiritual/emotional care game.

Because things are MOVING right now and you are needed.

Your presence and courage are needed.

Presence to see what’s really happening (shadow work is all around) and courage to face that which is showing up (said shadow biz).

It’s eclipse season, honey, so we’re practically drownin’ in our shadows. Personally and collectively. But we can’t skip over it.

When you heal, the earth heals. And you KNOW (unless you been under a rock) that there are some serious breakdowns & breakthroughs happening all around.

You’re likely feeling very personal deep shifts (thank you Eclipse Season + Mercury Retrograde), as well as the intensity of the very raw tragedy that played out in Charlottesville over last weekend.

A tragedy that may feel shocking to many white people, but is sadly not for many black people and people of color.

This is what I want to talk about today. I refuse to spiritually bypass this moment or get caught up in being too scared that I’ll say the wrong thing.

Over the past several days I’ve read many brilliant writings/posts/shares about the time we are in that I want to share with you. And for these first two posts especially, I am really talking to the white folks in my community.

Read these now. Because we can/must do/be better.

// On “what the hell is happening” (aka our collective and internalized culture and legacy of white supremacy and systemic oppression) //

>> Layla Saad (aka Wild Mystic Woman), I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy (Part One)

>> Erynn Brook, White Feelings 0-60 for Charlottesville

>> Rebecca Solnit, Protest and Persist: Why Giving Up Hope Is Not An Option (published earlier this year, but a brilliant piece on showing up and why many small steps…I’m including the shift in thinking/doing/being about racism/privilege/white supremacy…are critical)

>> Brené Brown, We Need to Keep Talking About Charlottesville (facebook live amazingness from 8/15)

// On a more astrological (and still conscious) note… //

>> Chani Nicholas on Eclipse Season
“This week will…help us to locate and identify so that we can address and heal, the wounds that get in the way of our ability to love. Relate. Create.”

>> Naimonou James on Eclipse Season
“We can resist, grinding ourselves down until we are too exhausted to do much of anything, or we can follow the example of a much older, much wiser source of light in the world.”

It’s my divine responsibility to use my platform, my magic, my words, my spiritual gifts to help us see how we belong to each other. That’s why I’m here.

So take care of yourself during this time. When you shift into overwhelm you shut down which leads to inaction. Ain’t no one got time for that.

  • embrace self-care
  • drink enough water / eat enough food / get enough sleep
  • clear your energy (sage or chakra clearing meditations on the youtube by the thousands)
  • ground your energy (free meditation here)
  • practice your boundaries
  • notice if you’re spiritually bypassing or tapping out because something feels too hard or overwhelming
  • make time for yourself and go back through Saad, Brook or Brown’s articles and make notes, journal, see what comes up for you
  • clear your home/closet/head/heart/calendar
  • tune into how you want to show up to dismantle white supremacy in your home/family/relationships/work/SELF (share Saad, Brook or Brown’s articles privately or publicly)

Thank you for making space for this work. We must. I appreciate you.


Photo by  Jacques-Henri Lartigue