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Strive To Make It Right

strive to make it right

What’s happening right now in this country with the family separations at the borders feels unimaginable for many and totally status quo for many others. For those of us feeling shocked, we have to reckon with the reality that these systemic acts of oppression on black, brown, and indigenous bodies are nothing new.

AND we’re in a time where the veils are dropping (it’s the Solstice for goddess-sakes!), our ability to see with more clarity is available (not guaranteed), and there’s mf work to do.

>> The Hoodwitch has a great horoscope this week honoring the season and the natural integration of the political and the spiritual. Read it.

>> On June 30th there’s a national day of action — find an action near you here.

>> And this article in Slate Magazine is being constantly updated with tons of great, crowd-sourced info and organizations who are boots on the ground — you can donate and follow their lead.

After spending over a decade as an organizer and activist, I gotta say that while it’s important for us to show up and stand together (in the streets, volunteering locally, donating, educating yourself), it’s also critical that we move with intention and attention.

There’s room to move slowly here. To really listen. To really HEAR the experiences of BIPOC and take them as the gospel TRUTH they are.

We have to be willing to be uncomfortable with the racist history of this country and our own roles in it. This is not easy work, but it’s necessary.

The question is, are you committed to being uncomfortable in service of your wound or uncomfortable in service of your truth? 

In these flurries of unfolding new and ancient traumas, deep soul pains, huge emotions, and desires to meaningfully connect and empathize we must SAY/DO something whenever and wherever we spot racism or inequality.

If you’re not used to it, it takes courage to stay in the discomfort. Pema Chodron teaches us that cultivating this ability is the path to deep transformation. So if you’re all about the love and light, know that the path cuts right through the shadowlands.

For some of us (white folks and white spiritual folks), there might be a tendency to want to strip out the issue of race and distill this down to a parent/child issue. Be mindful that there are centuries of oppression, domination, and supremacy at play here.

Erasing people’s lived experiences because we don’t agree or think it’s relevant, and disconnecting ourselves from each other and our collective truth IS supremacy and probably our greatest source of anxiety.

What feels like a new wound for you, is an ancient unfolding for another.

I’m sharing lots and lots over on my ig stories, so catch me there.

PS If you haven’t grabbed my Slow The Eff Down guided meditation and visualization yet, do it. It will support you in all the feels you may be having and in moving forward with more intention and awareness.


Image via Free People