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Take Care, Those Dreams

Take care, those dreams

Take your dreams seriously. Because I SWEAR TO GODDESS if you don’t, no one else will.

Stop looking to others for approval. Just stop it. Give it to your damn self.

Think about it. How fucking great is that?? You can give the approval you seek to yourself!

In fact, at one point you most certainly did. But for any number of reasons it was taught out of you. Someone along the way gave you a new lesson. They were probably just trying to protect you. It was what they knew.

And it worked for a time. You went along with it. Now you’ve come up against the usefulness of it. In fact, it’s holding you back.

The good news: you’re a grown ass human now. You can make your own choices for how you want to be alive.

I had to learn this one too. I still have a voice (er, voices) inside that tell me all sorts of crazy shit about what I can and can’t do. I gotta hear them and remember why they’re there, be gentle and keep it moving. Not in a push anything aside way. Just in a of course this old paradigm voice is kicking up because I’m growing and stretching kind of way. I know how to deal with those voices now. I’m not fighting them. You feel me?

So make your choice. Take this shit seriously. More than your social calendar, more than your job, more than anything, who you BE and how you FEEL are the most important things to understand.

It takes slowing down and patience and forgiveness and tenderness. AND GRATITUDE. THE REAL STUFF. THE FIERCE GRATITUDE. You can do this. You must. I must. We must!

Go get it. You’re a true force for love. I love you. To the moon.