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To Get Clear I Had To Do This Terrifying Thing

to get clear i had to do this terrifying thing

Years ago, the once-magical hustle ‘n grind of New York City was starting to wear on me. I imagined spending the rest of my life running around the city, over-caffeinated, my calendar packed like beach sand in bathing suit bottoms, and forever struggling to make space for inner peace and quiet. {cue ♡ palpitations, amiright?}

I was moving so fast that I just could not get clear about what was most important to me or what I wanted next.

So I did the thing that felt so counter-intuitive and even terrifying…

I slowed the eff down.*

I learned how to de-hustle my mind, body, relationships, spirit, emotions, and more.
I learned how to hear and see myself (what I really wanted from others/what so many of us want from others).

The shifts started coming. I started feeling next-level C L E A R. Not because I’d made some ultimate to-do list that somehow recalibrated my brain, but because I was able to connect to myself, the earth, and my inner guidance, and access the clarity that was always available to me.

Fast forward another six or so years, and I’m so so ready to be sharing more about this with you in a whole new way. Because I’ve lived it.

I’ve created a free, guided meditation/visualization, training and downloadable guide with my favorite resources for slowing down and getting clear.

get your meditation & guide now

Oooh, and I'm seriously all lit up to announce that I'm working on something really exciting behind the scenes…something that's been percolatin' for a long time.

A way for you to get the clarity, the internal shifts, the external shifts, the mind/energetic/emotional body best-practices and divine guidance all in one step by step guide…so you don’t have to scour countless self-helpy blogs or register for a dozen free webinars that you're not going to show up to (for hit-or-miss info).

A way for you to do this deep work at your own pace, from wherever you are, anywhere in the world…

Trust when I say that I'm hard at work on this beautiful new resource for you.

In the meantime...

download your guided meditation!


It’s a sweet and solid way to get started on your path to clarity now.

And obvs, I’ll be telling you more in the coming weeks so stay tuned, boo.


*Cue the choir singing in my ministry of slow down! Slow-elujah! And no, it never gets old, because it's THE TRUTH.