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Too Much Serious + I Sorta Peed My Pants

too much serious + i sorta peed my pants

I spent the other day on the beach with my life wife and her gorgeous, potato-headed baby. And besides the fact that I forgot to sunscreen my ass and now I’m literally considering buying a hemorrhoid pillow because PAIN, I spent the rest of the day looking like I peed my pants from my wet bathing suit.* But that wet pants crotch sitch sure brought some unexpected magic with it.

I didn’t care about how I looked and just had fun with myself. My soggy drawers really brought out my inner clown. Hellooo, old friend!!

My inner clown, my lightness, one of my greatest sources of power!

Honestly, I’ve been a bit serious lately with all the work of creating and launching my latest group program…and after about a week of taking some space for myself, I can feel my lightness seeping back in.

Lightness is actually one of the 7 aspects of your personal power (the other 6 are commitment, discipline, support system, inner guidance, love, your own truth) and I think it’s the one most taken for granted.

When you take yourself too seriously or spend too much time in the past (regret/ resentment) or too much time in the future (anxiety/ worry), you’re in danger of losing/ dimming/ disconnecting from your lightness… your ability to ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY.

This idea that you’ll enjoy yourself once you GET to where you’re trying to go — it’s a virus! You put aside joy now thinking you’re stockpiling for later or something.

I see this all the dang time. Happiness doesn’t work like that. You have to find the joy in your life NOW if you want to have it when you get wherever it is you think you need/ want to be.

Personally, my sharing of my lightness has been a bit dimmed because I’ve gotten caught up in what a teacher/ healer is “supposed” to look like. Serious. Knowing. Trustworthy. Mystical. Visionary. Yet practical. Certain. Stable. Or what-friggin’-ever.

But I get that me, in my ocean pee pants and loving it, IS what THIS teacher and healer looks like.

I’m so clear that lightness is part of my personal magic. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that we laugh. A whole lot.

Because if you can’t enjoy your journey who will?? NO ONE, BB. NO. ONE.

So how to enjoy the journey? Welp, it’s summer, we just wrapped eclipse season, and you might actually be feeling a little run down. It’s ok!

Go slow. Find some sweet little joys today. Tap into what makes you feel light, airy, alive, grateful. Even the tiniest things count.

* I’m actually a fairly well-known pants-pee-er amongst my closest beloveds. When I laugh too hard I’m definitely at risk for a soaking. Been that way since I was little. No idea what I’m gonna be like when I’m older. Hopefully, adult diapers will be a little chicer by then. No shame.