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Um, A Life Coach Planet? (more On Saturn And Your Saturn Return)

um, a life coach planet? (more on saturn and your saturn return)

So why am I, a transformation coach, co-leading a free/live class (and crazy exciting 6-week healing journey) on the planet Saturn??? 

  1. As you know, I’m super woo-woo (and I’m assuming you like it cuz you’re reading this!) and love connecting modalities for super-charged shifts in our mindset, emotions, and energetic fields. There’s more energy running through our wee human bodies now than any time in history, so we have the opportunity to get witchy and creative with our healing.

  2. I LOVE working with my beloved & brilliant partner Sandy Sitron because she’s fluent in Astrology (the language of the ancients and the future) and highly intuitive. Plus, we’re so cute together it’s ridic.

  3. Saturn is the Life Coach of the planets!! Say whaaa?? Yassssss.

You’ve surely heard me say it before… it’s so important to get to the root of any pattern! When you heal the emotions and needs at the root of a pattern (this is pretty much always old stuff that’s bubbling to the surface in a new way), the pattern dissolves.

This is what Saturn the Teacher planet is helping us do. 

Look deeper at the root. Heal. Grow. Up-level. 

Sometimes facing the issue head-on feels so/too hard. That’s when we feel stuck, or we avoid and resist. What you resist persists! Every friggin’ time.

Trying not to be like someone in your life who caused you pain just by doing the opposite of what they did? Good luck! Chances are you’re making your way back around, unconsciously, to repeating their patterns.*

These foundational patterns are what the Saturn energy is all about. And there’s a cycle of this planet (duh, orbits and dancing with other planets in their orbits) that we get to work with to leverage our growth.

Saturn energy burns high approximately every 7 years and we come to a moment when it feels important to act differently. (Key Saturn ages are 7, 14, 21, 29, 37, 44, 51, 58, 65ish — and in between, we can totally be recovering or preparing…meditate for a moment on these years for you…what do you notice??)

These are good times for us to coach ourselves into a new way of being and find the critical structure and support (more key Saturn words) we need to do so.

So, have you signed up for the free, live class about the Saturn Return and potent Saturn Cycle that Sandy and I are hosting??

It’s totally FREE and our goal is for you to walk away with pertinent info about your Saturn cycle and practical tools for empowerment. We’ll also give you opportunities to deepen your learning and connect with others also on their rich healing paths.

There are 4 classes to choose from…(we just added a 4/8 Sunday class by popular demand!) and there’s a special bonus in it for you too because we love to give.

The class (classes, really since there’s 4!) is an awesome free offering. All you have to do is make time for you. I will show up no matter what and hope to see you there. Sign up today.

* We don’t have to spend years circling a painful moment or relationship before moving along, we just gotta put it all on the table so we can see it, release the stuck parts (technical term) and make EMPOWERED DECISIONS to move forward with vision.