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just you and me, baby.

For the first time, I’m offering these transformational immersions to my entire community. Only 2 spots left between now and the end of 2017.

THE DESIGN (AKA HOW IT ALL WORKS) //  I create a uniquely-curated and intuitively-guided experience to support you in releasing conscious and unconscious blocks to your growth (based on our prep work together). We then cultivate a rich, aligned, deeply compelling, and up-leveled vision for your life, love & work. The day is designed for profound breakthroughs with grace and flow.

You’ll leave with a clear and action-forward map to:

  • shift the quality of your relationships (and call new ones in);
  • upgrade your relationship to money and abundance;
  • make those much-needed changes in your work;
  • spark that creative flow you’ve been craving;
  • (re)connect with your body wisdom and divine sexuality/self-expression;
  • tap into a deep self-love, confidence, and ability to receive;
  • find & activate your authentic voice and deepest held values;
  • and/or whatever else we find in our exploration of your inner world and desired goals!

Plus you’ll have a treasure chest full of tried-and-true tools, strategies, and aligned resources to support you.

THE ELEGANT & ORGANIC STRUCTURE //  VIP DAYS are ~5 hours, available virtually & at my home in the hi-desert of Joshua Tree, CA (lunch/snacks included, travel & lodging not included).

You also get:

+ ONE prep-call (along with an intensive intake process where I assess conscious/unconscious priorities in your emotions, relationships, sexuality, body, money, work, and spirituality).

+ ONE post-meeting call (to follow up on your homework program from our day together).

~ Virtual meetings are via phone or Zoom (video). With either platform, you’ll receive an audio recording of the day and an outline of my notes taken during our shared time.

our day will include a mix of the following:

• training around manifestation and mindset mastery;
• transformation of your deepest core beliefs and learning to embody your truth;
• rituals of release, cord-cutting and pact-breaking + mantras for differentiation;
• life-mapping to gain clarity around what has brought you to this moment while finding a new appreciation in the journey;
• inner child work (powerful stuff, kiddo) to cultivate forgiveness you didn’t even know you needed, but realize it’s key to your growth;
• reiki energy healing to clear your energetic body of blocks (in-person only);
• a meditative walk in a magical desert setting, along with exercises to ground you in your body and to the earth (in-person only, though grounding happens virtually too);
• real-time deep-level strategizing, planning and re-visioning (this ain’t just rearrangin’ your desk or your calendar — though I don’t rule those out if they’re blocking clarity & success);
• journaling, guided meditations & visualizations to root you in your power;
• and heavy doses of laughter, fun, silliness, playfulness, joy (!), and lightness — because that’s the key.

If you really want to show up for your life, make a bigger impact in the world, and stop playing small, it’s critical that you invest a significant amount of your time, energy, and money in personal growth.

To get free you have to do the work.

Let’s get free.

Let’s get courageous.

You ready?

(next steps: book a VIP DAY consult and we’ll ensure structure, pricing, timing, desires, goals, etc are aligned!)

Book your free VIP DAY consult with me today.