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Are You Worst Case Scenario-ing Yourself To Death?

are you worst case scenario-ing yourself to death?

Even if you’re the most positive person EVER, you’ve gone worst-case-scenario at some point…when you thought of something you wanted to say/do/have/be and then you imagined the (imaginary) backlash. 

You imagined the worst version of what other people might imagine about your desire/need/interest (which is, until you make it actionable, in your head = imagined).

Rejection. Abandonment. Loss of freedom. Ostracization. 
People thinking you are stupid, incapable, a failure.
Or maybe you imagine you DO succeed and then people want more from you and then you won’t be able to deliver.
Or you’ll lose everything and end up on the streets.* Or, or, or whatever THE WORST is for you.
And chances are you didn’t just imagine those scenarios one time. You’ve likely replayed them several/dozens/hundreds/bajillions of times. Amiright??
You’re actually doing something(s) really damaging here when you think you’re steeling yourself against any possible attack.

  1. You’re putting your body through the psycho-somatic experience of being deeply hurt. Your adrenaline will pump, your hormones will flow, your defenses go up. You feel anxious, angered, and upset and all raaawwwwrrrr. Then you might feel deflated, sad, crushed, anguished, and drained.

    You’re creating the experience of your worst case scenario and drilling your body and energy circuits to expect the pain. (And you do it over and over and over…like a training camp for awfulness).

  2. You’re not giving yourself the benefit that comes with actually going for it. When you go for it in real life, yes, you may fall flat on your face in the dirt. Big time. BUT. BUT. BUT…you get back up in real life AND THAT’S WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS.

    When you imagine worst case scenario you don’t often get all the way to falling down and picking yourself back up…you likely bailed out of your imaginary sinking ship way before that. When you go for your dream in real life you have to get back up. You have to learn from your experience.

    You develop confidence by having done the thing. As your confidence grows, you get better (aka more competent). The confidence/competence loop is real and you need it. And it ain’t happening in your worst-case-scenario-defense-against-painful-experience simulation, I promise.

  3. You might be (er, are) eroding your self-trust, your trust in others, and hey, even trust in the universe. More on this point in my next post…it’s a biggie.

Yes, in real life you have to take a risk. You have to be vulnerable enough to want what you want and go for it.
But risks must be taken! Without risk, there is no growth. Not in any area of your life.
Your imagination is oh so powerful. It’s not just something you call up when you want to daydream or do a fun, creative project. It’s your mind’s ability to create your reality.**
You can create your worst case scenario reality and tell yourself that you need to prepare for the worst in order to move forward (LIES).
Or you can summon your courage to get still, get clear, get turned on by the fact that you are ALIVE and deserve to live a beautiful life. And then get the eff on with what you’re really here to do.

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* Bag lady syndrome is real…Gloria Steinem and Lily Tomlin have totally copped to it!

** Manifestation Principle #1 – The Principle of Creative Thought. What you believe you receive. What you resist, persists. Your thoughts (which come from your deepest held unconscious beliefs) create your reality.