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You Have A Good WHY, Don’t You? Tell Me ’bout It.

you have a good WHY, don’t you? tell me ’bout it.

I want to tell you a little bit today about why I started teaching transformational work and traveling down this path from city-living political organizer to desert-dwelling healer and guide.

It wasn’t just because this path allowed me to actually see what was truly important to me (uh, for the first time), finally get out of the crazy burnout loop of doing everything for everyone else, or actually start living a life of deep purpose without totally sacrificing my well-being.

Nerp, not just that — though that’d all be reason enough, amiright??

Deeper down, it was because I really wanted to change the way that we (as humxns) see, hear, and connect with ourselves and each other. I’m playing for our global compassionate evolution, baby. Full stop.

After years as an activist, my “big why” is that I knew we needed big shifts in our inner worlds as much as the outer. And I knew I was here to help.

And after years on my own healing and growth path, I got so clear about my purpose. There are no more doubts or confusion about what I’m here to share.

So, I’m not totally sure what your journey looks like right now. But I want to ask you ONE question, a question that will help both of us understand your path more deeply:

WHY do you want to make big, bold shifts in your life?
Think about it for a sec.My gut tells me that there are some profound, core-defining reasons in there.

Goals you want to achieve, important things you want to do, someone whole and complete you want to become, people you want to spend time with — and connecting more deeply to your inner wisdom, getting crystal clear, and trusting yourself as you move forward into your purpose IS a means to that end.

So I truly want to know: What are some of YOUR reasons for wanting to explore the inner, sacred landscape of your soul and powerfully navigate your biggest life decisions? 

What is your ultimate goal? Your big vision? Or hell, if you don’t know the big goal/vision, start with THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to know — how you want to feel…

I know there’s a bigger reason behind your plans, your dreams, and your ideas. And I know because I have my own.

If there’s anything you want to DO or HAVE in your life, it’s because you want to BE and FEEL a certain way. Find that deeper gem inside you.

It’ll never be enough to just DO or HAVE (the next great career move, the next real relationship, the next perfect place to live) just for the sake of it. The void will grow.

Maybe for you, it’s connecting with your higher purpose & sacred calling, living with freedom & independence, finding a true and lasting sense of calm & peace, more time with family and loved ones, or…what?

What is it for you, love?

WHY (really WHY NOW) do you want to slow down and get clear about the path your on?
I’m asking because you’re reading my posts, so I’m boldly guessing that you’re drawn to doing some inner work.Oh, and it’s eclipse season, so let’s do this!

Email me and tell me your why. I LOVE hearing from you more than anything! 🙂