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Your thoughts create your reality.
Your beliefs govern your thinking.
You receive what you believe.


If you want change, you must make room. To make room, you must release what no longer serves you.


Let’s create a clear and passion-filled vision for your future. It’s more about being and feeling than having and doing.

My coaching work is based on these principles:

• your life is a reflection of how you've internalized your experiences (including the systemically oppressive systems we live inside of)...ultimately what you really believe, not what you’d like to believe;

• to catalyze change, you need to look at your deepest held beliefs (the ones waaaay in the background, anchored in the depths of your unconscious mind) and transform them…you must own your power to create your reality;

• to shift for the long-haul, you’ll need to learn how to trust & love yourself + a clear, thrilling, and passion-filled vision for the future built on your new, transformed's all already inside of you. Promise.

This ain’t no crash diet of the soul. This is pure, foundational, inner work at the most essential level. A mirror held up to your life to reflect the unseen.

In this coaching framework, we focus on your seven life areas to get at the core of who you are, and release who you were taught to be. There’s no advice-giving here. Just guidance on creating conscious awareness, examining and rewiring the programming  that no longer serves, thus, unleashing your power.

We go deeply (and rather quickly) in on your relationships, money, body, sexuality, emotions, work, and spirituality.

The work is designed to help you:

• discover what’s uniquely meaningful
• translate this insight into a life-changing vision
• release, heal, transform unconscious limiting beliefs holding you back
• build new beliefs through affirmation and visualization to practically and sustainably manifest your vision

Here are the ways we can work together, my dear: