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Hear It From Them…not Me (whoa I’m Humbled By This)

hear it from them…not me (whoa i’m humbled by this)

I could tell you all day long how transformative and beautiful the work I do is. I believe in its power so deeply that I no longer question my purpose, my destiny, what I’m here to do.*

But sometimes it’s better to hear from someone else. Someone who’s been through it, come out the other side remembering their wholeness (uhh, who’s not me).

Here’s my very dear beloved friend and business partner’s short story of our work together right after her Saturn Return (your cosmic rite of passage that happens in your late 20s, 50s, and 80s, with key life checkpoints at 37, 44, 51, 65, 72, etc).

I’m humbled by her words. Deeply.

It was after she was my client (after being my friend for 15 years) that we decided to create something together.
Because we knew we had to…
Something transformative that didn’t exist anywhere else…
This vision turned into the Saturn Return Workshop.

When I hired Dana Balicki to be my life coach, I had already been on a healing journey for 4 years and I suspected that coaching would only augment what I already knew.
I was totally wrong.
The coaching work catapulted me into another dimension.
At the end of our time together I felt less anxious and more rooted. I felt clear about my work in the world. I didn’t feel like I was fighting myself anymore.
Because I had rewritten some of my core beliefs, things stabilized. I experienced a genuine shift that I now see in my work and relationships.
After my longtime pal and now life coach guided me through transformation, we started talking about how well her work would pair with Astrology — particularly Saturn cycle work.
Sandy had a life-changing event in our work. I didn’t change her life. She did. I just held space for her to remember the truth of who she really is, not who she was taught to be. I simply supported her in healing herself.And from that shift, we got so clear about working together because:

  • Astrology helps us understand ourselves and the cycles we’re in. (I’ve since been Sandy’s client many times over now as well because she is SO GOOOD.)
  • In Astrology, Saturn is the planetary life coach. He’s the one that will drill you with your most important lessons over and over until you get it — meaning it’s intense times, but all for your highest growth.
  • The coaching work I do is all about unlocking your deepest patterns and shifting them through mindset mastery, energy work, and reshaping your emotional health.
  • We’d both come through our Saturn Return and had our asses handed to us in different ways. We were CUH-LEEEAR about what had supported us and what we wished we’d had in terms of structure and support.

So we created and launched the Saturn Return Workshop last year and our students’ results have been deeply affirming.

We supported dozens of humans shift their stickiest and most limiting beliefs about themselves and open up a whole new world of possibility and vision.

We know this work truly can help you create deep, lasting change in your life.

If you want to join me and Sandy (and the incredible community we’ve been building) we have one last free, live Saturn webinar on 4/11 at 2pm ET.** You’ll get a feel for us (we so fun), learn about Saturn and your Saturn Cycle, get a ton of value from the class, and leave with a clear path forward to making profound shifts in your world.

If you’re feeling the pull toward structured support in doing deep inner work and you’ve just been looking for the right fit, you owe it to yourself to check us out.

Sandy and I have done our best to answer all your questions, share incredible testimonials, all the details about the Saturn Return Workshop and more here.

Oh and because I’m so damn proud of our alumni, here’s what 2 gorgeous souls had to say about the work,

“This work has opened me up to patterns and shadows that I have been repressing. I am grateful to have had guidance through the muck. I feel like I am on the cusp of a breakthrough for deeper intimacy, stronger boundaries, and more effective communication.”
“At first I wasn’t sure if the course was right for me, not being in my Saturn Return, etc. but in the end it was just right! It felt Iike personalized coaching at your own pace with a supportive group and live check-ins to supplement it all! I learned so much through the modules and really liked using astrology as a guide to help prompt some of the work we did to dig deeper within ourselves. I feel anyone leaning toward this work or feeling on the edge of wanting to make a change, no matter your age or astrological position, this is FOR YOU!”
PS I opened up my Thursday to talk with you about the Workshop since the doors close Friday. If you’re feeling called to do some deep inner work and you’re feeling like the Workshop may be a good fit — but you have some questions — book me here. (Totally free, in case that wsn’t clear.)PPS Doors close Friday on the Workshop.

* Sure the form will evolve, but I’m so clear I’m on my path. Even when I have super emo weeks like last week, I’m not thrown off course.

** We’ll send you the replay if you can’t make it live.