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Love, The Full Moon + How To Rewrite Your Relationships

love, the full moon + how to rewrite your relationships

I was busy writing you about guilt and shame this week (wheeee! fuuuunnn! gahhh.) when a beloved astrologer friend of mine* reminded me that today’s full moon is in Scorpio, which means…


There’ll be extra (moon)light shining on the one you have with yourself, of course, but also on your deep and intimate connections to another. I’m talking romantic, professional, or platonic.

A full moon is a great time for manifestation and positive intention setting…your power and energy are amplified. Like that extra shot in your almondmilk latté or garlic in your green juice (so disgusting, I mean, why do that?!?).

It’s the time to go bigger with your desires, intentions, and manifestations!
Work, werk, werque.

But first, let’s take a looksy at your relationships, shall we?

Answer these questions in your journal**:

  • What’s the quality of your relationships? Romantic, friends, work, family…Take a survey. Be honest, no one’s reading this but you.
  • Are there some that feel good and some that just don’t quite work? Maybe they’re sucking your energy, or not fully supportive of your growth, or not serving/limiting you in some way?
  • Choose one relationship (for now) and look at where you may need to dig deeper into an issue, find closure or even create more intimacy. Write about it. Go there. Find your inner voice in the Stillness.
  • What’s at the core of that desire to shift? IMPORTANT: This is about YOU not them. Where have you participated in the imbalance, or withheld, or been afraid? This is a golden opportunity to take responsibility for your feelings.
  • Forgive yourself. Be gentle with yourself, or you won’t know how to let others do it.
  • Go through any of the other relationships that popped up and answer the same questions.
  • No hurry, dear one. Honor yourself for doing the work.

Now that you have a clearer sense of where you’re at, here are the full moon in Scorpio/grandiose manifestation energy questions:

  • What’s your vision for your relationships? How do you want things to be? Top desires. What values and energies MUST be present in order for you to be on fire with life and love?
  • Choose one (for now) and imagine a higher purpose for your relationship.
    Creating a higher purpose for any relationship, especially intimate ones, will give you a larger context beyond just the daily grind and joys. My teachers Gail and David wrote in their book, Empowerment, “When things are tough or confusing, it helps to remember the purpose to which the relationship is dedicated.”

Now you may not feel like you can determine the higher purpose for all of your relationships, but I still urge you to look.

Years ago, I met this question and I realized I wanted a spiritual partnership in my romantic relationship. My partner was a hard-partying, yet ever-so-sensitive, lower eastside artist. It felt impossible.

But I held that vision like the baby bunny I just rescued from my baby dragon cat…with a maternal ferocity and divine tenderness.

I did my own work around my relationship to spirit. And he found his own way in. 10 years later and spirituality is a cornerstone of our life together.

  • Write it all down. Draw a picture of it. Capture the words and feelings. Simmer in your truthiness. Soak in your desires.

You are the bridge between your old ways and the new. You have all the answers you need.

Let that moonlight shine so brightly on your biggest visions.

Bonus: And if you missed Sally Yates’ congressional testimony, watch some clips. Major #revengeofthemansplained action. Sometimes tough love for your c(o)untry is a must.

Extra Bonus:  I’m launching a private facebook group tomorrow with a full moon ritual (yes tonight’s the full moon, but we can be practical with our magic and use the energy over the next few days). I’ll send an invite out in the AM!


Sandy Sitron, people. She’s so good. 

** I know it’s easier to just think about it. But writing shit down does something. There’s an alchemy that happens when a pen touches paper, when you make the intangible real. Plus, one day no one’s gonna remember writing on paper, and that’s sad. So take advantage of the magic while you can.