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MAGIC HOUR #3: On Resisting Change (the Mercury Rx Edition)

MAGIC HOUR #3: On Resisting Change (the Mercury Rx edition)

Magic Hour #3 succumbed to Mercury Retrograde (just like #2) and I’m not ashamed that I had to do it from my car in the back parking lot of my friend’s shop.

I’m that committed.


  • If you’re calling in change and it just ain’t happening, or you’re feeling really stuck, you may have some resistance to change. It’s super normal!
  • There are 5 ways to notice if you’re resistant:
    • procrastination (distinct request for a later MAGIC HOUR on procrastination alone)
    • self-sabotage
    • lack of clarity
    • major indecision (not deciding = deciding)
    • perfection/waiting for the perfect timing to move forward
  • You can get to the bottom of the resistance with some simple inner exploration (see the guided training link below)
  • Wherever you are on your journey, be loving toward yourself…it’ll be infinitely better!

Watch the video here to learn how to navigate your inner voices (especially if they’re battling and keeping you from taking progressive action).

Plus, access an energy clearing visualization and guided training to help you discern how you may be resisting change.

Join me every week, Friday at 11am PST for M A G I C  H O U R live coaching over on my facebook page /danabalickicoach

**I think my new favorite thing is to find awkward video stills of myself. So fun! Here’s an extra good one…