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The Reason You Aren’t Where You Want To Be

the reason you aren’t where you want to be

I just watched a dear friend of mine write a $5,000 check (er, actually she just shared her debit card info…less visually stimulating) for an upcoming event. She wrote it with such ease, clarity, and confidence. Like not a single doubt that it was the right thing.

Um, yes, please.

She could do that because:

  • she did the same event earlier this year and she said it changed her life;
  • she prioritizes her personal development like a mf; and
  • … I’m gonna get to this third one in a sec, actually.

And yet I did not plunk down the $5k. I had my reasons AND I totally know that some of them were justifications.*

To be legit, I had to go in and look at what was up for me. Where was I getting stuck?

This got me thinking about resistance in general and why you aren’t necessarily where you want to be (this rule applies to everyone, including moi).

As I was crunching on all this, I got a note this AM (divine timing, all of it, thank you universe) from another brilliant coach who said it so well,

“Any time you offer someone something and they have an objection,
what’s underneath that is the EXACT REASON why they don’t have
the thing they want.”


I talk to incredible humans pretty much every day and I hear a fair amount of objections to investing in their own growth.

Even though what they reeeeally want is to understand why they’re here, what gifts they’re here to share, how to share them, and how to live with joy, passion, and purpose.

Sometimes it’s not enough money, or not enough time, or not the right time, or they have to get some other thing aligned first, or or or… you get it.

And it’s always really about their own self-worth and value, or their pattern of putting EVERYONE ELSE first (even strangers), or fear of failure, or fear of success and all the responsibility they’re afraid they’ll have once they win, or or or… you get it.

CHECK (er, share her debit card) WITH SUCH GRACE??

>> Because, at one point, she’d taken a wild leap into the mystery
and saw that the net was there.

She said it was a terrifying experience for her the first time. She questioned it all over the place. Felt ill at times about the money.

And then she did the thing. She went all in. She made it about her journey, not about the money. She played big. She called in that damn net. And her life changed.

My experience shows me that if you really want to show up for your life, make a bigger impact in the world, and stop playing small, it’s critical that you invest a significant amount of your time, energy, and money in personal growth.

So, whatever support is in your view right now, that you’ve said you wanted, that you know you need because you aren’t doing it by yourself, what would it take for you to make the leap?

More faith in the program or more faith in yourself?


PS I know that realities are, well, reality. That money and time are primary reasons we don’t do things. I also know that our beliefs about our money and time (aka our worth, worthiness, capabilities, readiness, deservedness, etc) are usually what’s holding us back, not a number or date. If you’re resonating with this or need some support in making room for yourself/investing in your growth/making you a priority, I opened up a couple times today to chat. Book me here, beloved. (psst…I’ll also be live here at 11am PT)


* Any justification is a frenemy. Call it out immediately and cut the cord to whatever bullshit it’s trying to make you feel ok about. Lies.

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  1. Literally in tears, jotting things down on paper (which I never do because I loathe putting pen to paper for some reason) and so grateful to the Universe for handing me you, at a time where I desperately needed guidance!!! I start so many things in an effort to “fix” myself, and then do not follow through. I get overwhelmed and paralyzed. But the last couple of days I’ve set an alarm to make sure I’m up for the live classes on Facebook, and this morning I got the bonus Instagram video!!! Deeply moved on a core level by the things that you are bringing up, and am so excited about what is in the near future as a direct result of committing to myself, and this work. I’ve run into many people in the last few months that have invited me to work with them. I believe they were and are genuine, and lovely souls, but there is something about you that makes me want to roll up my sleeves and get to work. You are beautiful inside and out, and your light and magic vibrate right through my computer screen! Thank you thank you thank you!!! See you tomorrow morning!!! K

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